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Howard Fast

(Howard Melvin Fast)
USA flag (1914 - 2003)
Father of Jonathan Fast, Grandfather of Molly Jong-Fast

aka E V Cunningham, Walter Ericson

Howard Fast is the bestselling author of Moses: Prince of Egypt, Citizen Tom Paine and Masuto Investigates.

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Science Fiction
Harvey Krim (as by E V Cunningham)
1. Lydia (1964)
2. Cynthia (1968)
John Gomaday and Larry Cohen (as by E V Cunningham)
1. Penelope (1965)
2. Margie (1966)
Masao Masuto
1. Samantha (1967) (as by E V Cunningham)
     aka The Case of the Angry Actress
2. The Case of the One-Penny Orange (1977) (as by E V Cunningham)
3. The Case of the Russian Diplomat (1978) (as by E V Cunningham)
4. The Case of the Poisoned Eclairs (1979) (as by E V Cunningham)
5. The Case of the Sliding Pool (1981) (as by E V Cunningham)
6. The Case of the Kidnapped Angel (1982) (as by E V Cunningham)
7. The Case of the Murdered Mackenzie (1984) (as by E V Cunningham)
Masuto: The Hollywood Murders (2001)
Two Valleys (1933)
Strange Yesterday (1934)
Place in the City (1937)
Conceived in Liberty (1939)
Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty (1941)
The Last Frontier (1941)
Lord Baden-Powell of the Boy Scouts (1941)
The Romance of a People (1941)
Goethals and the Panama Canal (1942)
The Tall Hunter (1942)
The Unvanquished (1942)
Citizen Tom Paine (1943)
Freedom Road (1944)
The American (1946)
The Children (1947)
Clarkton (1947)
My Glorious Brothers (1948)
The Proud and the Free (1950)
Spartacus (1951)
Fallen Angel (1952) (as by Walter Ericson)
     aka Mirage
Tony and the Wonderful Door (1952)
     aka The Magic Door
The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti (1953)
Silas Timberman (1954)
The Story of Lola Gregg (1956)
Moses, Prince of Egypt (1958)
The Winston Affair (1959)
The Golden River (1960)
Sylvia (1960) (as by E V Cunningham)
April Morning (1961)
Phyllis (1962) (as by E V Cunningham)
Power (1962)
Alice (1963) (as by E V Cunningham)
Agrippa's Daughter (1964)
Shirley (1964) (as by E V Cunningham)
Helen (1966) (as by E V Cunningham)
Torquemada (1966)
Sally (1967) (as by E V Cunningham)
The Assassin Who Gave Up His Gun (1969) (as by E V Cunningham)
The Crossing (1972)
The Hessian (1972)
Millie (1973) (as by E V Cunningham)
Max (1982)
The Outsider (1984)
The Wabash Factor (1986) (as by E V Cunningham)
The Dinner Party (1987)
The Pledge (1988)
The Confession of Joe Cullen (1988)
The Trial of Abigail Goodman (1993)
Seven Days in June (1994)
The Bridge Builder's Story (1995)
Redemption (1999)
Greenwich (2000)
Masuto Investigates (2000)
Bunker Hill (2001)
Hollywood Blacklist (2002)
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Howard Fast recommends
The Dark Philosophers (1946)
Gwyn Thomas
"A masterpiece, a warm, beautiful, splendid book."
Shatterday (1980)
Harlan Ellison
"Harlan Ellison is always original, always exciting, and frequently nightmarish beyond endurance. One does not simply read an Ellison story. One experiences it."

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