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Hugh B Cave

(Hugh Barnett Cave)
UK flag (1910 - 2004)

Pulp writer Hugh B. Cave began his incredibly prolific writing career in 1925, when he was 15, as a writer of western tales. Soon after he moved to detective, horror, and adventure fiction, then finally to general fiction, selling more than 1300 short stories and novelettes to over 200 magazines. He also wrote 45 books, including short story collections, genre novels, and histories of several Caribbean islands.
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Hugh B Cave
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Short stories
The Brotherhood of Blood (1932)
Murgunstrumm (1932)
Stragella (1932)
The Watcher in the Green Room (1933)
The Corpse Crypt (1934)
Dark Slaughter (1934)
Death's Loving Arms (1934)
The Pain Room (1934)
Terror Island (1934)
Unholy Night! (1934)
Death Calls from the Madhouse (1935)
Death Stalks the Night [short story] (1935)
The Flame Fiend (1935)
Imp of Satan (1935)
Mistress of the Dead (1935)
Satan's Mistress (1935)
The Crawling Ones (1936)
Death Holds for Ransom (1936)
Disturb Not the Dead (1936)
Doom Door (1936)
Modern Nero (1936)
My Pupil - The Idiot! (1937)
Tomb for the Living (1937)
Servant of Satan (1938)
Six Were Slain (1938)
Death's Door (1940)
The Hostage (1940)
Beneath the Vapor Veil (1941)
The Thirsty Thing (1941)
Calavan (1942)
The Thing from the Swamp (1942)
Forgetful Charlie (1957)
Ladies in Waiting (1975)
From the Lower Deep (1979)
The Door Below [short story] (1981)
A Place of No Return (1981)
What Say the Frogs Now, Jenny? (1983)
Damballa's Slough (1984)
Just the Two of Us (1984)
The Room Above the Top (1984)
Damsels for the Damned (1985)
Of Time and Space (1985)
After the Funeral (1986)
The Blade and the Claw (1990)
Another Kind of Enchanted Cottage (1992)
The Hard-Luck Kid (1992)
The Mountains of Time (1993)
The Skeptic (1993)
Chernick (1994)
Don't Open the Door! (1994)
Genesis II (1994)
Gordie's Pets (1994)
Just Another H.P.L. Horror Story (1994)
Vanishing Point (1994)
First Love (1995)
The Law (1995)
Nights in the Mountains of Haiti (1995)
Haitian Mysteres (1997)
The Second Time Around (1997)

World Fantasy Best Collection winner (1978) : Murgunstrumm and Others
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1996) : Death Stalks the Night
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement winner (1999)

Books about Hugh B Cave
Pulp Man's Odyssey (1988) by Audrey Parente
Cave of a Thousand Tales (2004) by Milt Thomas