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A.J. Butcher has been aware of the power of words since avoiding a playground beating aged seven because he 'told good stories'. He's been trying to do the same thing ever since.

Writing serial stories at school which went on forever gave him a start (if not a finish). A degree in English Literature at Reading University kept him close to books while a subsequent career as an advertising copywriter was intended to keep him creative. As it seemed to be doing a better job of keeping him inebriated, he finally became an English teacher instead. He currently works at a girls' grammar school in leafy Dorset.

Influences that can be mentioned in polite company include Dickens and Orwell, though Stan Lee, creator of the great Marvel super-heroes, is also an inspirational figure. In what is laughingly termed his spare time, AJ reads too many comics, listens to too many '70s records and rants about politics to anyone who'll listen.

When he was younger and fantasising about being a published author, he always imagined he'd invent a dashing, dynamic pseudonym for himself. Now that it's happened, however, he's sadly proven too vain for that. A.J. Butcher is his real and only name.

Spy High
   1. The Frankenstein Factory (2003)
     aka Mission One
   2. The Chaos Connection (2003)
     aka Chaos Rising
   3. The Serpent Scenario (2003)
   4. The Paranoia Plot (2003)
   5. The Soul Stealer (2003)
     aka Blood Relations
   6. The Annihilation Agenda (2004)
Spy High 2
   1. Edward Red (2004)
   2. Angel Blue (2004)
   3. Benjamin White (2005)
   4. Calista Green (2005)
   5. Jake Black (2005)
   6. Agent Orange (2005)
Reapers (as by Andrew Butcher)
   1. The Time of the Reaper (2007)
   2. Slave Harvest (2007)
   3. The Tomorrow Seed (2008)

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