A M Burrage

(Alfred McClelland Burrage)
UK flag (1889 - 1956)

aka Frank Lelland, Ex-Private X

Alfred McLelland Burrage was a British writer.

He was noted in his time as an author of fiction for boys which he published under the pseudonym Frank Lelland, including a popular series called "Tufty".

He served in the First World War and published a memoir of his experiences, War Is War, as "Ex-Private X".

Burrage is now remembered mainly for his horror fiction, which was originally collected in the books Some Ghost Stories (1927) and Someone in the Room (1931, as by "Ex-Private X") and has been reprinted by Ash Tree Press

Genres: Horror

   War Is War (1930) (as by Ex-Private X)
   Seeker to the Dead (1942)
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   The Attic (1926)
   One Who Saw (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
   Smee (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
   The Sweeper (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
Anthologies containing stories by A M Burrage
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Short stories
Footprints (1912)
The Last of the Kerstons (1912)
The Chalk Pit (1913)
The Lady of Graeme (1914)
The Breaking of the Spell (1915)
By the Looe River (1915)
The Fourth Wall (1915)
The Green Bungalow (1919)
The Lady of the Chateau (1919)
The Mystery of the Sealed Garret (1920)
The Recurring Tragedy (1920)
For One Night Only (1921)
The Lovers (1922)
Warning Whispers [short story] (1922)
The Intruder (1923)
The Pace Maker (1923)
The Case of Thissler and Baxter (1924)
The Imperturbable Tucker (1924)
Miss Jessica (1924)
The Acquittal (1926)
Crookback (1926)
The Garden of Fancy (1926)
Between the Minute and the Hour [short story] (1927)
Browdean Farm (1927)
The Caricature (1927)
Furze Hollow (1927)
The Gambler's Room (1927)
The Green Scarf (1927)
Nobody's House (1927)
Playmates (1927)
The Room Over the Kitchen (1927)
The Summer-house (1927)
Wrastler's End (1927)
The Wrong Station (1927)
The Yellow Curtains (1927)
The Ticking of the Clock (1928)
Top Floor Back (1928)
Wine of Summer (1928)
The Box in the Attic (1929)
The Boy with Red Hair (1929)
Father of the Man (1929)
For the Local Rag (1930)
House o'Dreams (1930)
The Little Blue Flames (1930)
"Orders from Brigade" (1930)
The Spanish Captain (1930)
The Blue Bonnet (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
     aka The Blue Sunbonnet
The Case of Mr Ryalstone (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
The Cottage in the Wood (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
Mr Carshaw's Companion (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
The Oak Saplings (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
The Running Tide (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
The Shadowy Escort (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
The Sisters of Changton Margery (1931)
Someone in the Room [short story] (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
The Strange Case of Dolly Frewan (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
Through the Eyes of a Child (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
The Waxwork (1931) (as by Ex-Private X)
Fellow Mortals (1932)
In the Waters under the Earth (1933)
The Bargain (1934)
Portrait of an Unknown Lady (1935)
The Man on the Corner (1937)
Passengers on the Eleven-Ten (1941)
Corner Cottage (1960)

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