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Marvin Kaye

(Marvin Nathan Kaye)
USA flag (b.1938)

Author of 15 novels, 6 nonfiction books, several plays & play adaptations, and editor of 30 (and counting) fantasy, mystery and theatre anthologies, for which he has won the 2005 World Fantasy Award as best anthologist, Marvin Kaye currently is editor of H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, and contributes his column, "Marvin Kaye's Nth Dimension" to the SF-fantasy trade magazine, Science Fiction Chronicle. He has published books through his imprint, Marvin Kaye's Nth Dimension Books, a division of Wildside Press. A native of Philadelphia, he lives in New York, where he is Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at NYU, serves as Artistic Director for The Open Book, New York's oldest readers theatre company, and does improvisational comedy at the Jekyll & Hyde Club and with "Please Don't Feed the Actors," directed by Carole Bugge'.

Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Anthology series
Anthologies edited
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Non fiction
The Histrionic Holmes (1971)
A Toy Is Born (1973)
     aka Story of Monopoly, Silly Putty, Bingo Twister, Frisbee, Scrabble, Etcetera
The Handbook of Magic (1973)
     aka The Complete Magician / The Creative Magician's Handbook
The Handbook of Mental Magic (1975)
Catalog of Magic (1977)
Readers Theatre (1995)
The Complete Handbook of Magic (2007)
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Anthologies containing stories by Marvin Kaye
Short stories
Ms. Lipshutz and the Goblin (1978)
Professor Lubermayer's Final Lecture (1981)
Lovedeath (1988)
Soulmate (1993)
Too Many Stains (the Adventure of the Second Stain) (1996)