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Robert Arthur

USA flag (1909 - 1969)

Robert Jay Arthur, Jr. (November 10, 1909, Corregidor, Philippines, - May 2, 1969, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was a mystery writer known for The Mysterious Traveler radio series and his Three Investigators series of novels. He is frequently confused with the film producer Robert Arthur, who was nine days older than mystery writer Robert Arthur, Jr.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Robert Arthur
Short stories
The Jokester
The Mirror of Cagliostro
Footsteps Invisible (1940)
Postpaid to Paradise (1940)
     aka Postmarked for Paradise
The Believers (1941)
Mr Jinx (1941)
Evolution's End (1949)
The Wheel of Time (1950)