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JANET LEE BARTON has lived all over the southern U.S., but she and her husband plan to now stay put in Oklahoma. With three daughters and six grandchildren between them, they feel blessed to have at least one daughter and her family living in the same town. Janet loves being able to share her faith through her writing. Happily married to her very own hero, she is ever thankful that the Lord brought Dan into her life, and she wants to write stories that show that the love between a man and a woman is at its best when the relationship is built with God at the center. She's very happy that the kind of romances the Lord has called her to write can be read by and shared with women of all ages, from teenagers to grandmothers alike.

Genres: Inspirational, Historical Romance
   Beyond Perfect (2003) (with Becky Melby, Jennifer Peterson, Gail Sattler and Cathy Wienke)
   The Bouquet (2004) (with Diann Hunt, Sandra Petit and Gail Sattler)
   Bayou Brides (2006) (with Kathleen Miller (Kathleen Y'Barbo), Lynette Sowell and Janet Spaeth)
   Mountains, Memories & Mistletoe (2006) (with Kathleen Y'Barbo)
   An Ozark Family Christmas (2006) (with Jeanie Smith Cash, Christine Lynxwiler and Kathleen Miller (Kathleen Y'Barbo))
   A Connecticut Christmas (2008) (with Diane Ashley, Rhonda Gibson and Gail Sattler)
   New Mexico Brides (2009) (with Rosey Dow and Rhonda Gibson)
   Brides of Arkansas (2010)
   Land Run Brides (2014)
   Love Inspired Historical September 2014 Bundle (2014) (with Laura Abbot, Louise M Gouge and Renee Ryan)
   Love Inspired Historical February 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Linda Ford, Barbara Phinney and Sherri Shackelford)
   Love Inspired Historical November 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Linda Ford, Karen Kirst and Sherri Shackelford)
   The Love Is Patient Romance Collection (2016) (with Frances Devine, Lena Nelson Dooley, Darlene Franklin, Vickie McDonough, Jill Stengl, Connie Stevens and Erica Vetsch)
   Small-Town Brides Romance Collection (2016) (with Susan K Downs, Darlene Franklin, Pamela Griffin, Kelly Eileen Hake, Debby Mayne, Donita K Paul and Kathleen Y'Barbo)
   Love Inspired Historical June 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Lily George, Rhonda Gibson and Karen Kirst)
   Loving Bella / Somewhere to Call Home (2019) (with Renee Ryan)
   Wanted: A Family / A Place of Refuge (2020) (with Janet Dean)
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