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John Bainbridge

John Bainbridge has written the thrillers. "The Shadow Of William Quest" and "Deadly Quest", and "Dark Shadow" set in the Victorian underworld of the 1850s, and "Balmoral Kill", a Golden Age style spy thriller which takes place in 1930s London and Scotland.

There are also the two Inspector Abbs mysteries set in the 1870s, "A Seaside Mourning" and a novella "A Christmas Malice", and "The Seafront Corpse", a detective novel featuring Inspector Eddie Chance, which is set on the south coast of England in the 1930s. The sequel is an Inspector Chance novella "The Holly House Mystery".

John has now completed the four novel historical fiction series "The Chronicles of Robin Hood". These novels take a gritty and realistic look at the Robin Hood legend. The four books - complete in themselves - are "Loxley", "Wolfshead", "Villain" and "Legend".