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Rory Clements has had a long and successful newspaper career, including being features editor and associate editor of Today, editor of the Daily Mail's Good Health Pages, and editor of the health section at the Evening Standard. He now writes full-time in an idyllic corner of Norfolk, England.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical
John Shakespeare
   1. Martyr (2009)
   2. Revenger (2010)
   3. Prince (2011)
   4. Traitor (2012)
   5. The Heretics (2013)
   5.5. The Man in the Snow (2012)
   6. The Queen's Man (2014)
   7. Holy Spy (2015)
Tom Wilde
   1. Corpus (2016)
   2. Nucleus (2018)
   3. Nemesis (2019)
   4. Hitler's Secret (2020)
   5. A Prince and a Spy (2021)
   6. The Man in the Bunker (2022)
Rory Clements recommends
Inquisition (2011)
Alfredo Colitto
"An intoxicating tale of murder, lust and revenge."
Titian's Boatman (2017)
Victoria Blake
"From the squalid glamour of 16th-century Venice to modern-day London and New York, Titian's Boatman demonstrates the power of art to bridge the years and transform lives. With fine, elegant brush-strokes, Victoria Blake has created a rich and enchanting novel."
The Angel's Mark (2018)
(Nicholas Shelby, book 1)
S W Perry
"A gorgeous book - rich, intelligent and dark in equal measure. It immerses you in the late 16th century and leaves you wrung out with terror. This is historical fiction at its most sumptuous."
The Whistleblower (2021)
Robert Peston
"An intelligent, elegant and gripping thriller."

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