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Jonathan Spencer

UK flag (b.1954)

Historian and journalist Jonathan Spencer is from southeast London, the great-grandson of a clipper-ship captain who brought tea from China. He served in the Canadian army, studied ancient and modern history, and has lectured at universities and private associations on the subject of Napoleonic Egypt. He speaks several languages, has trained with the former Russian National fencing coach, and has lived and worked abroad all his life. He currently lives in the Western Cape in South Africa.

He is the creator of fictional character Marine officer William John Hazzard, India and Africa veteran, and hero of the explosive new epic historical novels of 1798, the Hazzard Series.


Genres: Historical
New and upcoming books
William John Hazzard
   1. Napoleon's Run (2020)
   2. Lords of the Nile (2020)
   3. Emperor of Dust (2021)
   4. Hazzard's Convoy (2024)

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