John Bierce

John Bierce is the author of the Mage Errant fantasy series. He's a history buff, fantasy and science fiction lover, and fan of talking about himself in the third person. He also has a background in the earth sciences. John has also walked face first into automatic doors on multiple occasions.

Genres: Fantasy
New and upcoming books
   The Wrack (2020)
John Bierce recommends
Edge of the Woods (2023)
(Lost Edge, book 1)
Andrew Rowe
"My friends and family are probably pretty tired of me relentlessly recommending Andrew Rowe's books to them. But . . . well, they're about to get another Rowe recommendation with Edge of the Woods, which absolutely rocks. [It] has everything: old school Zelda nostalgia and vibes, sword magic, badass action scenes, more sword magic, an amazing new setting, even more sword magic. . . . Did I mention the sword magic? I really like the sword magic. Swoooooorrrd maaaaaaggggggiiiiiiiccccc."
Slumdog Deckbuilder (2023)
(Card Mage , book 1)
Benedict Patrick
"A lot of authors have tried to build card-based magic systems, and a lot of them are incredibly fun, but one part they so often miss? The actual card games. Benedict Patrick's Card Mage has the actual card games, and they're a ridiculous amount of fun. I felt the same joy I did watching a certain card game anime on Saturday morning cartoons as a kid, and I genuinely wish I could play Card Mage's game."
Titan Hoppers (2022)
(Titan Hoppers, book 1)
Rob J Hayes
"Until I read Titan Hoppers, I had no idea how much my life needed a Warhammer 40k/Spelljammer-style Progression Fantasy novel. Nomadic refugee populations harvesting resources for survival from deadly, monster-filled titanic spaceships? Check. Swordfights and magic powers in space? Check and check. An insatiable need for book 2? Most definitely check."

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