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Stefan Merrill Block grew up in Plano, Texas, and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2004. Block is 25 years old. The Story of Forgetting is his first novel. He lives in Brooklyn.

Genres: Literary Fiction
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Stefan Merrill Block recommends
Pull Me Under (2016)
Kelly Luce
"Kelly Luce's debut novel is an urgent and wise story about the many disparate identities a life can hold, but it is also an astonishing example of all that a novel can encompass."
All Grown Up (2017)
Jami Attenberg
"Vital reading for women and men alike."
The End of Loneliness (2018)
Benedict Wells
"Like John Boyne, Wally Lamb or John Irving, Benedict Wells has conjured a fictional world –at once epic and intimate, full of uncanny occurrences, inescapable fates, love lost and found and lost again— that quickly becomes more vivid to the reader than the real world that exists beyond its covers. Even a great book might not actually put an end to loneliness, but I can’t imagine a better salve for solitude than a novel like this, a book with the empathy, bravery, and vision to venture straight into the turbulent, vivid, interior landscapes of memory in order to reveal to us our own innermost selves."
Lake City (2019)
Thomas Kohnstamm
"There are so many reasons to admire Thomas Kohnstamm’s astonishing debut novel: his astute and cutting depiction of urban gentrification, his pitch-perfect evocation of a young man’s endless ricochet between self-aggrandizement and self-hatred, his vision of Seattle’s grungy underside that is so richly related one can almost smell the cedar and cannabis wafting off the pages. And yet, it is Kohnstamm’s innate storytelling verve - his taut, noirish knack for plotting and his ability to make the reader laugh, cringe, worry, and feel for his characters all at once - that makes Lake City truly unputdownable."

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