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(Charles James Box, Jr.)
USA flag (b.1958)

C. J. Box is the New York Times bestselling author of many novels including the Joe Pickett series. He has won the Edgar Alan Poe Award for Best Novel (Blue Heaven, 2009) as well as the Anthony Award, Prix Calibre 38 (France), the Macavity Award, the Gumshoe Award, the Barry Award, and the 2010 Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association Award for fiction. Open Season, Blue Heaven, Nowhere to Run, and The Highway have been optioned for film and television. Over four million copies of his novels have been sold in the U.S. alone and they have been translated into twenty-seven languages. He lives in Wyoming.

Genres: Mystery
New Books
December 2022

Joe Pickett: Books 1-10
(Joe Pickett)
December 2022

Joe Pickett: Books 11-20
(Joe Pickett)
February 2023

Storm Watch
(Joe Pickett, book 23)
Joe Pickett
   1. Open Season (2001)
   2. Savage Run (2002)
   3. Winterkill (2003)
   4. Trophy Hunt (2004)
   4.5. Dull Knife (2005)
   5. Out of Range (2005)
   6. In Plain Sight (2006)
   7. Free Fire (2007)
   8. Blood Trail (2008)
   9. Below Zero (2009)
   10. Nowhere to Run (2010)
   11. Cold Wind (2011)
   11.5. The Master Falconer (2006)
   12. Force of Nature (2012)
   13. Breaking Point (2013)
   14. Stone Cold (2014)
   14.5. Shots Fired (2014)
   15. Endangered (2015)
   16. Off the Grid (2016)
   17. Vicious Circle (2017)
   18. The Disappeared (2018)
   19. Wolf Pack (2019)
   20. Long Range (2020)
   21. Dark Sky (2021)
   22. Shadows Reel (2022)
   23. Storm Watch (2023)
Series contributed to
Anthony Awards Best First Novel winner (2002) : Open Season
Edgar Awards Best Novel winner (2009) : Blue Heaven
Barry Awards Best Novel winner (2016) : Badlands

C J Box recommends
The Barbed-Wire Kiss (2003)
(Harry Rane Mystery, book 1)
Wallace Stroby
"The Barbed-Wire Kiss is as gritty and tough as its Soprano-land New Jersey setting, and Wallace Stroby is a no-nonsense guide and a fine writer."
Wild Inferno (2008)
(Wild Mystery, book 2)
Sandi Ault
"Jamaica Wild (and her wolf, Montain) are formidable new players in outdoor mystery fiction."
Poacher's Moon (2008)
John D Nesbitt
"John Nesbitt knows hunting, knows Wyoming, knows the interplay of men in the field, and knows how to tell an authentic, warts-and-all story of the real outdoors."
The Poacher's Son (2010)
(Mike Bowditch Mystery, book 1)
Paul Doiron
"[An] excellent debut... filled with murder, betrayal, and a terrific sense of place."
The Royal Wulff Murders (2012)
(Sean Stranahan Mystery, book 1)
Keith McCafferty
"Keith McCafferty has pulled off a small miracle with The Royal Wulff Murders—a compelling Montana-based novel that will please both mystery readers and discerning fly-fishers. A terrific debut that rings with authenticity and style."
Sundance (2014)
David Fuller
"Intriguing and unique."
Canyon Sacrifice (2014)
(National Park Mystery, book 1)
Scott Graham
"A terrific debut novel."
Bull Mountain (2015)
(Bull Mountain, book 1)
Brian Panowich
"Brian Panowich had me at the first word of his spectacular debut novel, 'Family, ' and he held me until the very last page. Bull Mountain is a sprawling, gritty, violent, tribal inter-generational crime epic with a deeply rooted sense of place and an gut-punch ending I didn t see coming. Expect to see Bull Mountain on the short-list of many 'Best First Novel' awards."
Buffalo Trail (2015)
(Cash McLendon, book 2)
Jeff Guinn
"Glorious is old-fashioned in the very best way: it’s good-hearted, optimistic, compelling, comfortable, and extremely well told."
Where It Hurts (2016)
(Gus Murphy, book 1)
Reed Farrel Coleman
"Where It Hurts is taut, smart, and engaging with a terrific sense of place. Readers will never go wrong with Gus Murphy or his creator Reed Farrel Coleman."
The Dry (2016)
(Aaron Falk, book 1)
Jane Harper
"It's extremely rare and exciting to read a debut that enthralls from the very first page and then absolutely sticks the landing. Told with heart and guts and an authentic sense of place that simply cannot be faked, The Dry is the debut of the year."
Shadow War (2016)
(Tom Locke, book 1)
Sean McFate
"Step aside, faux thriller writers and armchair warrior storytellers. Ex-mercenary Sean McFate has produced a first novel that’s assured, authentic, timely, gritty, and most of all real... I enjoyed the hell out of it."
Nothing Short of Dying (2016)
(Clyde Barr, book 1)
Erik Storey
"Furious, Non-stop action...Clyde Barr is not a man to be messed with."
Hawke's Prey (2017)
(Sonny Hawke, book 1)
Reavis Z Wortham
"Reavis Z Wortham is the real thing."
The Dark Lake (2017)
(Gemma Woodstock, book 1)
Sarah Bailey
"A stunning debut that gripped me from page one and never eased up. Dark, dark, dark-but infused with insight, pathos, a great sense of place, and razor-sharp writing. It's going to be big and Sarah Bailey needs to clear a shelf for awards."
This Scorched Earth (2018)
William Gear
"Thoroughly engaging."
Bearskin (2018)
James A McLaughlin
"Bearskin is visceral, raw, and compelling—filled with sights, smells, and sounds truly observed. It’s a powerful debut and an absolute showcase of exceptional prose. There are very few first novels when I feel compelled to circle brilliant passages, but James McLaughlin’s writing had me doing just that."
Maze Master (2018)
Kathleen O'Neal Gear
"Dazzling...MAZE MASTER is an epic, breathless countdown to the end of mankind that can only be saved by locating and understanding ancient clues."
Invisible (2019)
(Paul McGrath, book 1)
Andrew Grant
"Propulsive and engaging from the very first page."
The Paris Diversion (2019)
(Expats, book 2)
Chris Pavone
"Since he exploded onto the scene with The Expats, Chris Pavone has quickly become one of the elite must-read can’t-miss thriller writers working today. Grab The Paris Diversion and hold on for the ride."
Open Carry (2019)
(Arliss Cutter, book 1)
Marc Cameron
"A double-barreled blast of action, narrative, and impossible-to-fake authenticity with a great sense of place and a terrific protagonist. I'm looking forward to many more Arliss Cutter thrillers."
Won't Back Down (2019)
(Jack Keller, book 6)
J D Rhoades
"J D Rhoades writes action as well as anybody in the business."
The Heartless (2020)
(Bruno Johnson, book 7)
David Putnam
"...A shocking and intense tale of brotherly love and redemption."
Winter Counts (2020)
David Heska Wanbli Weiden
"I've been waiting most of my life for this book without realizing it. Winter Counts is a knowing, authentic, closely observed novel about modern-day Lakotas that rings absolutely true, warts and all. The sense of place is breathtaking and raw. It's a hell of a debut."
The Unwilling (2021)
John Hart
"John Hart creates novels that are somehow raw, tender, brutal, and exquisite - all at the same time. Exceptional."
In the Company of Killers (2021)
Bryan Christy
"In the Company of Killers is a special kind of thriller: crisp, fast, wise, intelligent, world-weary, violent, and propulsive. Bryan Christy provides an indispensable inside-view to a world we only thought we knew."
Godspeed (2021)
Nickolas Butler
"Godspeed is a page-turning, race-against-the-clock novel about fatal obsession, love, violence, addiction, and faith beautifully set in my home state of Wyoming. After you turn the last page it’ll stay with you for a long, long time."
Dark Roads (2021)
Chevy Stevens
"Chevy Stevens is a brilliant and unique talent and Dark Roads is an instant classic. My hat's off to her."
Hello, Transcriber (2021)
Hannah Morrissey
"Hello, Transcriber is a dark, atmospheric, and compelling debut by a unique talent. I was sucked in immediately and could think of little else until the last page."
A Thousand Steps (2022)
T Jefferson Parker
"T. Jefferson Parker is the poet of American crime fiction. . . There's a damned good reason he has won three Edgar Awards."
City Under One Roof (2023)
Iris Yamashita
"Iris Yamashita blasts into the world of crime fiction by doing something spectacular: introducing us to a totally unique location and sub-culture. A compulsive page-turner that's both atmospheric and claustrophobic at the same time."

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