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Ursula Bloom's picture

Ursula Bloom

UK flag (1892 - 1984)

aka Sheila Burns, Mary Essex, Rachel Harvey, Deborah Mann, Lozania Prole

Ursula was born in Essex, but as a child lived in Whitchurch, Warwickshire, where her father, James Harvey Bloom, was the Rector of the village. She went on to write books about his work into their family history.

Ursula published over 500 books in her lifetime, an achievement that once won her recognition in the Guinness Book of Records. She wrote many of her novels under pseudonyms - Sheila Burns, Mary Essex, Rachel Harvey, Deborah Mann, Lozania Prole and Sara Sloane.

Her work was predominantly romantic, although her first book, Tiger, privately printed, was written when she was seven years old. She was encouraged to write by a family friend, a well-known author of the time - Marie Corelli.

Born into the fringes of middle class, with aspirations of grandeur but little money, Ursula became a master of story-telling in her own life - keeping up appearances with an imaginary housemaid because "it would have been a social stigma to do our own work" and pretending to her first husband that she could control the servants and not they her - writing was both an outlet and easy with someone of her imagination and humour.

She married twice - in 1916 to Arthur Brownlow Denham-Cookes, to whom she had one son, Pip, born in 1917, and in 1925 to Charles Gower Robinson.
The Great Beginning (1924)
Candleshades (1928)
Veneer (1929)
The Eternal Tomorrow (1931)
The Secret Lover (1931)
The Log of a Naval Officer's Wife (1932)
Wonder Cruise (1934)
Laughter in Cheyne Walk (1937)
The Golden Venture (1938)
Lady! This Is Love! (1938) (as by Sheila Burns)
Lily of the Valley (1938)
Without Make-Up (1938)
You and Your Looks (1938)
Week-end Bride (1939) (as by Sheila Burns)
Time, Tide and I (1942)
Romantic Fugitive (1943) (as by Sheila Burns)
No Lady In Bed (1944)
Romantic Fugitive (1944)
The Changed Village (1945)
Pumpkin the Pup (1945)
Rude Forefathers (1945)
Caravan for Three (1947)
No Lady With A Pen (1947)
You And Your Home (1947)
Domestic Blister (1948) (as by Mary Essex)
Faint with Pursuit (1949) (as by Sheila Burns)
No Lady in the Cart (1949)
Three Girls Come to Town (1949)
An Apple for the Doctor (1950) (as by Mary Essex)
The Cuckoo Never Weds (1950) (as by Sheila Burns)
Eleanor Jowitt, Antiques (1950)
The King's Wife (1950)
The Magnificent Courtesan (1950) (as by Lozania Prole)
Not Free to Love (1950) (as by Sheila Burns)
The song of Philomel (1950)
Tea Is So Intoxicating (1950) (as by Mary Essex)
You and Your Fun (1950)
You and Your Life (1950)
You and Your Needle (1950)
Emma Hart (1951) (as by Lozania Prole)
A Gentleman Called James (1951) (as by Mary Essex)
How Dark, My Lady (1951)
Mum's Girl Was No Lady (1951)
New World Round the Corner (1951)
Nine Lives (1951)
Orange Blossom for Sandra (1951)
Pavillion (1951)
Rosebud and Stardust (1951) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Sentimental Family (1951)
Age Cannot Wither (1952)
As Bends the Bough (1952)
For the Bride (1952)
Forty Is Beginning (1952) (as by Mary Essex)
Live Happily - Love Long (1952) (as by Sheila Burns)
Love Me To-Morrow (1952) (as by Sheila Burns)
Nightshade at Morning (1952)
Romantic Intruder (1952) (as by Sheila Burns)
Twilight of a Tudor (1952)
She Had What It Takes (1952) (as by Mary Essex)
Adam's Daughter (1953)
Beloved and Unforgettable (1953) (as by Sheila Burns)
The first Elizabeth (1953)
Gracious Lady (1953)
Marriage of Leonora (1953)
Moon song (1953)
Pretty, witty Nell! (1953) (as by Lozania Prole)
Sea Fret (1953)
Tomorrow We Marry (1953) (as by Sheila Burns)
Danielle, My Darling (1954) (as by Mary Essex)
The Fabulous Nell Gwynne (1954) (as by Lozania Prole)
Hitler's Eva (1954)
The King's Pleasure (1954) (as by Lozania Prole)
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (1954)
Please Burn After Reading (1954) (as by Sheila Burns)
Tonight, Josephine (1954) (as by Lozania Prole)
Adventure in Romance (1955) (as by Sheila Burns)
Daughters of the Rectory (1955)
The Girl Who Loved Crippen (1955)
How Dear Is My Delight (1955) (as by Sheila Burns)
Romantic Summer Sea (1956) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Silver Ring (1956)
The Sweet Impulse (1956) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Tides of Spring Flow Fast (1956)
Victorian Vinaigrette (1956)
The Beloved Man (1957) (as by Sheila Burns)
Brief Springtime (1957)
The Elegant Edwardian (1957)
How Rich Is Love? (1957) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Abiding City (1958)
Down to the Sea in Ships (1958)
Monkey Tree in a Flower Pot (1958)
This Dragon of Desire (1958) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Inspired Needle (1959)
The Lasting Lover (1959) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Little Wigmaker Of Bread Street (1959) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Storm Bird (1959) (as by Sheila Burns)
Undarkening Green (1959)
Doctor Gregory's Partner (1960) (as by Sheila Burns)
For Love of the King (1960) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Fugitive Romantic (1960) (as by Mary Essex)
The Love Story of Dr. Duke (1960) (as by Mary Essex)
The Romance of Charles Dickens (1960)
Sixty Years of Home (1960)
The Thieving Magpie (1960)
The Tudor boy (1960) (as by Lozania Prole)
A Woman Called Mary (1960) (as by Deborah Mann)
The Cactus Has Courage (1961)
Disheartened Doctor (1961) (as by Sheila Burns)
Doctor On Call (1961) (as by Mary Essex)
Doctor to the Rescue (1961) (as by Sheila Burns)
My Love! My Little Queen! (1961) (as by Lozania Prole)
Prelude to Yesterday (1961)
The Queen's Midwife (1961) (as by Lozania Prole)
A Sailor's Love (1961) (as by Mary Essex)
War Isn't Wonderful (1961)
Date with a Doctor (1962) (as by Mary Essex)
Dr. Guardian of the Gate (1962) (as by Mary Essex)
Dr. Irresistible, M.D (1962) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Enchanting Courtesan (1962) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Eyes of Doctor Karl (1962) (as by Sheila Burns)
Harvest Home Come Sunday (1962)
A King's Plaything (1962) (as by Lozania Prole)
Queen Guillotine (1962) (as by Lozania Prole)
Ship in a Bottle (1962)
Daughter of the Devil (1963) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Gated Road (1963)
The Ghost That Haunted a King (1963) (as by Lozania Prole)
Heartbreak Surgeon (1963) (as by Sheila Burns)
Mrs. Bunthorpe's Respects (1963)
Nurse from Killarney (1963) (as by Mary Essex)
Our Dearest Emma (1963) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Sangor Hospital Story (1963) (as by Mary Essex)
A Strange Patient for Sister Smith (1963) (as by Mary Essex)
Theatre Sister in Love (1963) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Wild Daughter (1963) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Three Passionate Queens (1964) (as by Lozania Prole)
Doctor and Lover (1964) (as by Mary Essex)
Doctor Delightful (1964) (as by Sheila Burns)
Hard-hearted Doctor (1964) (as by Mary Essex)
Henry's Golden Queen (1964) (as by Lozania Prole)
The House That Died Alone (1964)
The Ring Tree (1964)
When Doctors Love (1964) (as by Sheila Burns)
Dare-Devil Doctor (1965) (as by Mary Essex)
The Haunted Headsman (1965) (as by Lozania Prole)
Marlborough's Unfair Lady (1965) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Quiet Village (1965)
Romantic Theatre Sister (1965) (as by Mary Essex)
Sweet Nell (1965) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Ugly Head (1965)
The Adorable Doctor (1966) (as by Mary Essex)
The Dandelion Clock (1966)
The Dangerous Husband (1966) (as by Lozania Prole)
Doctor Called David (1966) (as by Sheila Burns)
Doctor Divine (1966) (as by Sheila Burns)
Hospital of the heart (1966) (as by Mary Essex)
The Mightier Sword (1966)
Nelson's Love (1966) (as by Lozania Prole)
Rosemary for Stratford on Avon (1966)
A Surgeon's Sweetheart (1966) (as by Sheila Burns)
Assistant Matron (1967) (as by Mary Essex)
The Beauty Surgeon (1967) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Dark-Eyed Queen (1967) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Flying Nurse (1967) (as by Sheila Burns)
King Henry's Sweetheart (1967) (as by Lozania Prole)
Little Nurse (1967) (as by Mary Essex)
The Old Adam (1967)
     aka Cycles of Life
The Queen Who Was a Nun (1967) (as by Lozania Prole)
Romance of Dr. Dinah (1967) (as by Mary Essex)
Romantic Cottage Hospital (1967) (as by Sheila Burns)
A Roof and Four Walls (1967)
Two Pools in a Field (1967)
The Village Nurse (1967) (as by Rachel Harvey)
Acting Sister (1968) (as by Sheila Burns)
Casualty Ward (1968) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Dark-Eyed Sister (1968) (as by Sheila Burns)
Dearest Doctor (1968) (as by Rachel Harvey)
The Dragonfly (1968)
The Ghost of Fiddler's Hill (1968) (as by Mary Essex)
The Greatest Nurse of Them All (1968) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Loves of a Virgin Princess (1968) (as by Lozania Prole)
Now Barabbas Was a Robber (1968) (as by Deborah Mann)
Prince Philanderer (1968) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Sympathetic Surgeon (1968) (as by Mary Essex)
Weep Not for Dreams (1968) (as by Rachel Harvey)
Yesterdays Tomorrow (1968)
Boutique of the Singing Clocks (1969) (as by Lozania Prole)
Doctor on Duty Bound (1969) (as by Mary Essex)
Doctor's Desire (1969)
The Flight of the Falcon (1969)
House of Kent (1969)
Little Matron of the Cottage Hospital (1969) (as by Rachel Harvey)
Nurse Judy's Secret Passion (1969)
Nurse On Wings (1969) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Song of Salome (1969) (as by Deborah Mann)
Surgeon At Sea (1969) (as by Sheila Burns)
Sweet Marie-Antoinette (1969) (as by Lozania Prole)
When a Woman Doctor Loves (1969) (as by Mary Essex)
Dangerous Doctor (1970) (as by Mary Essex)
Darling District Nurse (1970) (as by Rachel Harvey)
The Enchanting Princess (1970) (as by Lozania Prole)
Hunter's Moon (1970)
Last Tsarina (1970) (as by Lozania Prole)
Nurse on Bodmin Moor (1970) (as by Rachel Harvey)
Nurse Who Shocked the Matron (1970) (as by Sheila Burns)
Rosemary for Frinton (1970)
Three Sisters (1970)
The Tune of Time (1970)
The Two Queen Annes (1971) (as by Lozania Prole)
Rosemary for Chelsea (1971)
Perchance to Dream (1971)
Sister to a Stranger (1971) (as by Rachel Harvey)
Great Tomorrow (1971)
Heart Surgeon (1971) (as by Mary Essex)
A Queen for the Regent (1971) (as by Lozania Prole)
Sister Loving Heart (1971) (as by Sheila Burns)
Doctor Called Harry (1971) (as by Rachel Harvey)
Judas Iscariot - Traitor? (1971) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Caravan of Chance (1971)
April After (1971)
Harvest of a House (1971)
Romance and Nurse Margaret (1972) (as by Sheila Burns)
Nurse Who Fell in Love (1972) (as by Mary Essex)
Six Wives But One Love (1972) (as by Lozania Prole)
Pilgrim Soul (1972)
Orange Girl (1972) (as by Lozania Prole)
Edwardian Day-dream (1972)
Cornish Rhapsody (1972) (as by Sheila Burns)
Taj Mahal (1972) (as by Lozania Prole)
Duke of Windsor (1972)
Fascinating Doctor (1972) (as by Mary Essex)
The Passionate Heart (1972)
Three Cedars (1972)
Facade (1972)
Love Has No Secrets (1972) (as by Rachel Harvey)
My Wanton Tudor Rose (1972) (as by Lozania Prole)
Ten Day Queen (1973) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Cheval Glass (1973)
Gypsy Flower (1973)
Gypsy Lover (1973) (as by Rachel Harvey)
Beloved Creditor (1973)
Fruit on the Bough (1973)
The Fourth Cedar (1973)
The Queen's Daughters (1973) (as by Lozania Prole)
Requesting the Pleasure (1973)
Nurse Called Liza (1973) (as by Mary Essex)
Pack Mule (1973)
The Old Rectory (1973)
Dark Farm (1973) (as by Mary Essex)
Woman Who Was Tomorrow (1973)
Driving of Destiny (1974)
Doctor Who Fell in Love (1974) (as by Rachel Harvey)
Last Love of a King (1974) (as by Lozania Prole)
Mirage on the Horizon (1974)
Doctor's Love (1974) (as by Mary Essex)
Albert the Beloved (1974) (as by Lozania Prole)
Gossamer Dream (1974)
The Old Elm Tree (1974)
King's Daughter (1975) (as by Lozania Prole)
The Love Story of Nurse Julie (1975) (as by Rachel Harvey)
Royal Baby (1975)
The Twisted Road (1975)
The Lass a King Loved (1975) (as by Lozania Prole)
Mirage of Love (1975)
The Bells Still Ring (1976) (as by Sheila Burns)
The Turn of Life's Tide (1976)
Pilate's Wife (1976) (as by Deborah Mann)
The Painted Lady (1976)
When Paris Fell (1976) (as by Lozania Prole)
Life is No Fairy Tale (1976)
The Great Queen Consort (1976)
The Fire and the Rose (1977)
Tomorrow for Apricots (1977)
Edward and Victoria (1977)
House on the Hill (1977)
I Love My Love (1977) (as by Mary Essex)
Bittersweet (1978)
Passion's Pilgrim (1978)
The Woman Doctor (1978)
Love : Old and New (1978)
Henry's Last Love (1978) (as by Lozania Prole)
Love is But a Dream (1978)
Sunday Love (1978)
Marriage in Heaven (1980)
Little Victoria (1982) (as by Lozania Prole)
Golden Flame (1983)
Three Sons (1983)
It Happened in Spring (1983)
Spring in September (1983)
Trailing Glory (1983)
Forbidden Fiance (1984) (as by Mary Essex)
Sailor's Love (1984)
Nightingale Once Sang (1984) (as by Mary Essex)
It's Spring, My Heart! (1984) (as by Mary Essex)
Amorous Bicycle (1984) (as by Mary Essex)
King's Daughter (1984)
Six Fools and a Fairy (1984) (as by Mary Essex)
Romance of Summer (1984) (as by Mary Essex)
Sweet Impulse (1985)
Romantic Theater Sister (1987)
Chance Romance (1987)
Air Liner (1988)
Bridal Sweet (1988)
Youth at the Gate (1989)
Bride-Maybe (1989) (as by Sheila Burns)
Young Kangaroos Prefer Riding (1989)
The Nurse Who Shocked the Matron (1989)
Gypsy Flame (1990)
Theatre Sister in Love (1990)
No Trespassers in Love (1990)
Lovely Shadow (1992)
Judge of Jerusalem (1995)
Dinah's Husband (1997)

A Tudor Trilogy (1976) (as by Lozania Prole)

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