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Joseph Finder

USA flag (b.1958)

In addition to his fiction, Finder continues to write extensively on espionage and international affairs relations for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The New Republic. He lives in Boston with his wife and daughter.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
   The Moscow Club (1991)
   Extraordinary Powers (1994)
   The Zero Hour (1996)
   High Crimes (1998)
   Paranoia (2004)
   Company Man (2005)
     aka No Hiding Place
   Killer Instinct (2006)
   Power Play (2007)
   Suspicion (2014)
   The Fixer (2015)
   The Switch (2017)
   Judgment (2019)
Joseph Finder recommends
Oblivion (2005)
Peter Abrahams
"Peter Abrahams may well be the best writer in the thriller business. Oblivion is a spare, ironic and pulse-pounding tale that I couldn't stop reading."
Fault Line (2009)
(Ben Treven, book 1)
Barry Eisler
"A breathlessly exciting, lightning-paced, and moving tale of suspense."
The Hunter (2010)
(Victor, book 1)
Tom Wood
"A nonstop, breathless, trimmed-to-the-bone thriller with action sequences that are obviously state-of-the-art."
Dead Lock (2010)
(Ryan Lock & Ty Johnson, book 2)
Sean Black
"Sean Black writes with the pace of Lee Child and the heart of Harlan Coben."
Hostage Zero (2010)
(Jonathan Grave, book 2)
John Gilstrap
"A great hero, a pulse-pounding story."
Last to Fold (2011)
(Turbo Vlost, book 1)
David Duffy
"One of the most original protagonists I've ever come across - a cross between Arkady Renko and Philip Marlowe: a Russian-born ex-KGB agent living in New York, a private eye with a strong sense of irony and a Russian sense of fatalism.  David Duffy knows his Russia inside and out, but most of all, he knows how to tell a story with flair and elegance.  This is really, really good."
The Samaritan (2011)
Stephen Besecker
"The kind of big, adrenaline-pumping high-stakes conspiracy thriller of the sort that Robert Ludlum used to write... The Samaritan is terrific."
The Trinity Game (2012)
(Daniel Byrne, book 1)
Sean Chercover
"The Da Vinci Code meets The Dead Zone in Sean Chercover's The Trinity Game, a fascinating thriller that catapults us headlong into Vatican intrigue, global conspiracies, complex family relationships, and nonstop excitement."
Phony Tinsel (2013)
Robert S Levinson
"A tale filled with as much ambition, greed and treachery as a Joan Crawford double-feature."
Dead Ringer (2013)
Allen Wyler
"This is the stuff nightmares are made of."
A Scourge of Vipers (2015)
(Liam Mulligan, book 4)
Bruce deSilva
"Bruce deSilva takes everything we love about the classic hard-boiled detective novel and turns it into a story that's fresh, contemporary, yet timeless."
The Killing Kind (2015)
(Michael Hendricks, book 1)
Chris Holm
"Chris Holm loads an ingenious premise-an assassin who kills only other assassins-into a high-powered story that goes off like a rocket. His protagonist, Mike Hendricks, is an all-American anti-hero with his own code of justice, living on stolen time. The Killing Kind is sleek and smart, and will stay with you long after you've finished reading."
The Advocate's Daughter (2016)
Anthony J Franze
"Fans of House of Cards will love The Advocate's Daughter, a thriller that gives us a real insider's view of a Washington most of us will never see. The tension starts on the very first page, and keeps ratcheting up. Once it grabs you it won't let go."
The Cutaway (2017)
Christina Kovac
"An insider's look at TV news and the real workings of Washington DC, The Cutaway combines relentless pace, a compelling story, and a truly memorable protagonist. Terrific."
Dead on Arrival (2017)
Matt Richtel
"Dead on Arrival joins the ranks of classic paranoid thrillers about human achievement run amok, with Stephen King's The Stand and Michael Crichton's Terminal Man. It's hard to imagine a novel more timely."
The Marriage Pact (2017)
Michelle Richmond
"Truly chilling . . . It ranks with The Stepford Wives and Gone Girl as a terrifying look at what it really means to say 'I do'."
Merlin at War (2017)
(DCI Frank Merlin, book 3)
Mark Ellis
"...richly atmospheric...authentic...calls to mind Ken Follett, Alan Furst, and P.D. James."
World Enough (2017)
Clea Simon
"WORLD ENOUGH is excellent -- a twisty, bittersweet trip with just the right mix of edge and nostalgia."
The Take (2018)
(Simon Riske, book 1)
Christopher Reich
"A beautifully constructed heist is only the beginning of this spectacular thriller, which sets thief vs. thief, spy vs. spy, and even cop vs. cop. The Take is dazzling fun that surprises to the last page, with a hero who deserves an encore."
The Children's Game (2018)
Max Karpov
"The Children's Game is uncanny in its timeliness and brilliant in its portrayal of disinformation as the most dangerous weapon of the new Cold War. Max Karpov has written a masterful thriller that is genuinely alarming in its plausibility. A must-read for 2018."
Flight of the Fox (2018)
(Sam Teagarden, book 1)
Gray Basnight
"An explosively paranoid thriller that pays homage to classics of the genre."
The First Family (2018)
Daniel Palmer and Michael Palmer
"Terrifying and all too plausible--Daniel Palmer continues his father's tradition of delivering authentic and high-velocity medical suspense. The combination of medical chills and high-level Washington make The First Family irresistible."
Liar's Candle (2018)
August Thomas
"Liar’s Candle is a stunning debut, a novel that brings the le Carré and Follett traditions into the 21st century. Breakneck pacing, sharply observed detail, an all-too-plausible plot and a protagonist to cheer for—well done, August Thomas, well done."
Jar of Hearts (2018)
Jennifer Hillier
"Jar of Hearts is harrowing and intense?a vivid look at the long repercussions of violent crime, with a central character you won't soon forget. Jennifer Hillier locks you in on the first page, and astonishes to the last."
The Real Michael Swann (2018)
Bryan Reardon
"The Real Michael Swann pulls you right in and leaves you gasping. It's gripping, smart, and to-the-minute timely, with two memorable and powerfully sympathetic central characters."
Bound for Gold (2018)
(Peter Fallon, book 6)
William Martin
"Bound for Gold is grand adventure, an epic saga of American gold fever in both history and the present day. Peter Fallon is still at the top of his game. Bravo."
Death in Shangri-La (2018)
(Dotan Naor, book 1)
Yigal Zur
"Dotan Naor is a character Steve McQueen would have fought to play: tough but insightful, ruthless but spiritually striving. Death in Shangri-La is a passport to a world most thriller readers haven’t seen before, and it’s a fascinating trip."
The Night Agent (2019)
Matthew Quirk
"Matthew Quirk moves into David Baldacci and John Grisham territory with The Night Agent, a paranoid, pulse-pounding thriller that could not be more prescient. If you’re wondering where the best of the next generation of suspense talent is headed, look no further."
The Last Time I Saw You (2019)
Liv Constantine
"Obsessions, secrets, decades-long grudges--THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU packs all of these into a read reminiscent of the great Bette Davis/Joan Crawford thrillers. I couldn't put it down."
The Sum of All Shadows (2019)
(Testament, book 4)
Eric Van Lustbader
"One of the great thriller authors."
The Good Killer (2020)
Harry Dolan
"A dazzling, cinematic thriller full of vivid characters and adrenaline-charged action. Dolan is writing in the tradition of the great Elmore Leonard, and he does the master proud."
Fake Truth (2020)
(Ian Ludlow, book 3)
Lee Goldberg
"A delight from start to finish, a round-the-world, thrill-a-minute, laser-guided missile of a book."
A Dangerous Breed (2020)
(Van Shaw Mystery, book 5)
Glen Erik Hamilton
"Van Shaw, one of the most interesting protagonists in thrillers today, learns long-hidden truths about himself in this latest series entry, which combines tense and twisty action with some subtle reflections on the nature of family. Glen Erik Hamilton proves himself a master."
The Wicked Sister (2020)
Karen Dionne
"In Karen Dionne's wilderness, humans are the most dangerous animals of all. The Wicked Sister is enthralling and terrifying, and I couldn't put it down. A terrific novel."
Red Widow (2021)
(Red Widow, book 1)
Alma Katsu
"Red Widow is a novel only Alma Katsu could have written-a gripping story of secrets and loyalties that nails the brutal tradeoffs involved in high-stakes espionage. Tense, smart, and fearless."
Saving Grace (2021)
Debbie Babitt
"Saving Grace introduces us to a town of harrowing secrets -- and to its sheriff, Mary Grace Dobbs, who doesn't even know that the worst of these secrets are hers. An ingenious, multi-generational plot reaches a terrifying crescendo you won't easily forget."
Forty Days and Forty Nights (2021)
Amber Edwards and Justin Scott
"Harrowing, fascinating, and entirely too plausible, Forty Days and Forty Nights is a thriller you’ll lose sleep over."
The Bloodless Boy (2021)
(Hunt and Hooke, book 1)
Robert J Lloyd
"The Bloodless Boy is an extraordinary achievement--an almost hallucinatory depiction of 17th century London swimming in political intrigue and the voracious curiosity of early modern scientists. Rarely does fiction feel so much like time travel."
L. A. Burning (2022)
D C Taylor
"L.A. Burning is a great ride, a blast of adrenaline, a lightning-paced insider's tour of the movie business with a memorable heroine in the driver's seat. Cody Bonner is a true original - we're rooting for her from page one, and she holds us in suspense to the very end. Excellent."
Into the Groove (2022)
(Steady Groove Deed, book 1)
Lawrence Kelter
"INTO THE GROOVE is a time machine to a meaner, dirtier New York City, a city of corruption where some of the worst offenders wear badges. Parole Officer Steady Groove's battle for his own brand of justice is one we want to fight with him."
Assassin's Lullaby (2022)
Mark Rubinstein
"ASSASSIN'S LULLABY is a smart, sleek thriller. Rubinstein gives us sharply drawn characters in a twisty plot that never slows down. Thoroughly entertaining."
Light on Bone (2022)
(Georgia O'Keeffe Mystery, book 1)
Kathryn Lasky
"Kathryn Lasky's vivid Light on Bone applies the extraordinary eye of Georgia O'Keeffe to overlapping mysteries in 1930s New Mexico. O'Keeffe's righteous vision does not flinch from the truth, and we follow her gaze in fascination through this masterfully woven story."
Mystic Wind (2022)
(Jack Marino, book 1)
James Barretto
"Mystic Wind is a classic legal thriller by an exciting new talent, delivering surprises to the very last page. It grabs us and pulls us into 1980s Boston, a world of violent streets and corrupt politicians, and attorney Jack Marino is the guy we want on our side."
The Other Side of Night (2022)
Adam Hamdy
"What can I say about The Other Side of Night that won't be a spoiler? Ingenious, constantly surprising, and deeply moving. Put yourself in the hands of a master storyteller, and strap in for a mind-bending ride."
Blaze Me a Sun (2023)
Christoffer Carlsson
"A Russian doll of a mystery... you think you know where this book is going. You don't. Carlsson's American debut is a wonder."

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