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Joseph Finder

USA flag (1958 - )

In addition to his fiction, Finder continues to write extensively on espionage and international affairs relations for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The New Republic. He lives in Boston with his wife and daughter.

Series contributed to
Barry Awards Best Thriller winner (2006) : Company Man
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2015) : Suspicion
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2017) : Guilty Minds

Joseph Finder recommends
Oblivion (2005)
Peter Abrahams
"Peter Abrahams may well be the best writer in the thriller business. Oblivion is a spare, ironic and pulse-pounding tale that I couldn't stop reading."

Fault Line (2009)
(Ben Treven, book 1)
Barry Eisler
"A breathlessly exciting, lightning-paced, and moving tale of suspense."

The Hunter (2010)
(Victor the Assassin, book 1)
Tom Wood
"A nonstop, breathless, trimmed-to-the-bone thriller with action sequences that are obviously state-of-the-art."

Dead Lock (2010)
(Ryan Lock, book 2)
Sean Black
"Sean Black writes with the pace of Lee Child and the heart of Harlan Coben."

Hostage Zero (2010)
(Jonathan Grave, book 2)
John Gilstrap
"A great hero, a pulse-pounding story."

Last to Fold (2011)
(Turbo Vlost, book 1)
David Duffy
"One of the most original protagonists I've ever come across - a cross between Arkady Renko and Philip Marlowe: a Russian-born ex-KGB agent living in New York, a private eye with a strong sense of irony and a Russian sense of fatalism.  David Duffy knows his Russia inside and out, but most of all, he knows how to tell a story with flair and elegance.  This is really, really good."

The Samaritan (2011)
Stephen Besecker
"The kind of big, adrenaline-pumping high-stakes conspiracy thriller of the sort that Robert Ludlum used to write... The Samaritan is terrific."

Keys To The Kingdom (2011)
Bob Graham
"A fast-paced thriller that rings with Authenticity."

Dead Ringer (2013)
Allen Wyler
"This is the stuff nightmares are made of."

Phony Tinsel (2013)
Robert S Levinson
"A tale filled with as much ambition, greed and treachery as a Joan Crawford double-feature. "

A Scourge of Vipers (2015)
(Liam Mulligan, book 4)
Bruce deSilva
"Bruce deSilva takes everything we love about the classic hard-boiled detective novel and turns it into a story that's fresh, contemporary, yet timeless."

The Advocate's Daughter (2016)
Anthony J Franze
"Fans of House of Cards will love The Advocate's Daughter, a thriller that gives us a real insider's view of a Washington most of us will never see. The tension starts on the very first page, and keeps ratcheting up. Once it grabs you it won't let go."

The Cutaway (2017)
Christina Kovac
"An insider's look at TV news and the real workings of Washington DC, The Cutaway combines relentless pace, a compelling story, and a truly memorable protagonist. Terrific."

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