Maureen Peters

UK flag (1935 - 2008)

aka Veronica Black, Catherine Darby, Elizabeth Law, Judith Rothman, Sharon Whitby

Maureen Peters was born in Caernarvon, North Wales. She was educated at grammar school and attended the University College of North Wales, Bangor, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree and a diploma of Education. For some time she taught retarded children, and then took up writing. She has produced many books and contributed short stories to many magazines.

Genres: Mystery, Historical Romance
   Kate Alanna (1975)
   A Child Called Freedom (1976)
Falcon Saga (as by Catherine Darby)
   1. A Falcon for a Witch (1975)
   2. The King's Falcon (1975)
   3. Fortune for a Falcon (1976)
   4. Season of the Falcon (1976)
   5. Falcon Royal (1976)
   6. The Falcon Tree (1977)
   7. The Falcon and the Moon (1977)
   8. Falcon Rising (1978)
   9. Falcon Sunset (1976)
   10. Seed of the Falcon (1978)
   11. Falcon's Claw (1978)
   12. Falcon to the Lure (1978)
Falcon Family (as by Catherine Darby)
   1. A Game of Falcons (1976)
   2. Pride of Falcons (1977)
Moon Chalice Quest (as by Catherine Darby)
   1. Whisper Down the Moon (1977)
   2. Frost on the Moon (1977)
   3. The Flaunting Moon (1977)
   4. Sing Me a Moon (1977)
   5. Cobweb Across the Moon (1977)
   6. Moon in Pisces (1977)
Rowan (as by Catherine Darby)
   1. Rowan Garth (1982)
   2. Rowan for a Queen (1983)
   3. Scent of Rowan (1983)
   4. Circle of Rowan (1983)
   5. The Rowan Maid (1984)
   6. Song of the Rowan (1984)
Sister Joan (as by Veronica Black)
   1. A Vow of Silence (1990)
   2. A Vow of Chastity (1991)
   3. A Vow of Sanctity (1993)
   4. A Vow of Obedience (1993)
   5. A Vow of Devotion (1994)
   6. A Vow of Penance (1994)
   7. A Vow of Fidelity (1995)
   8. A Vow of Adoration (1996)
   9. A Vow of Poverty (1996)
   10. A Vow of Compassion (1997)
   11. A Vow of Evil (2004)
   Bride for King James (1968)
   Dangerous Inheritance (1969) (as by Veronica Black)
   Flower of the Greys (1969)
   Joan of the Lilies (1969)
   Portrait of Sarah (1969) (as by Veronica Black)
   Rose of Hever (1969)
   Princess of Desire (1970)
   Struggle for a Crown (1970)
   The Wayward Madonna (1970) (as by Veronica Black)
   A Footfall in the Mist (1971) (as by Veronica Black)
   Shadow of a Tudor (1971)
   Seven for St. Crispin's Day (1971)
   Katheryn, the Wanton Queen (1971)
   Anne, Rose of Hever (1971)
   The Cloistered Flame (1971)
   Mary, the Infamous Queen (1971)
   Henry VIII and His Six Wives (1971)
   Master of Malcarew (1971) (as by Veronica Black)
   The Queen Who Never Was (1972)
   Elizabeth the Beloved (1972)
   Peacock Queen (1972)
   The Woodville Wench (1972)
   Enchanted Grotto (1972) (as by Veronica Black)
   Moonflete (1972) (as by Veronica Black)
   Royal Escape (1972)
   Fair Kilmeny (1972) (as by Veronica Black)
   Jewel of the Greys (1972)
   The Maid of Judah (1973)
   Gallows Herd (1973)
   Flawed Enchantress (1973)
   Minstrel's Leap (1973) (as by Veronica Black)
   So Fair and Foul a Queen (1974)
   Spin Me a Shadow (1974) (as by Veronica Black)
   House That Hated People (1974) (as by Veronica Black)
   Enigma of Brontes (1974)
   Willow Maid (1974)
   Curse of the Greys (1974)
   With Murder in Mind (1975) (as by Judith Rothman)
   The Queenmaker (1975)
   Tansy (1975)
   Crystal and the Cloud (1977)
   Echo of Margaret (1978) (as by Veronica Black)
   Greengirl (1979) (as by Veronica Black)
   Pilgrim of Desire (1979) (as by Veronica Black)
   A Dream of Fair Serpents (1979) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Flame in the Snow (1980) (as by Veronica Black)
   I, the Maid (1980)
   Beggar Maid, Queen (1980)
   The Snow Blossom (1980)
   Night of the Willow (1981)
   Ravenscar (1981)
   Song for a Strolling Player (1981)
   Dragon and the Rose (1982)
   The Savage Web (1982) (as by Sharon Whitby)
   Frost on the Rose (1982)
   Child of the Flesh (1982) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Lass of Silver, Lad of Gold (1982) (as by Catherine Darby)
   My Pilgrim Love (1982) (as by Veronica Black)
   Red Queen, White Queen (1982)
   Lover Dark, Lady Fair (1982) (as by Veronica Black)
   Imperial Harlot (1983)
   My Lady Troubadour (1983)
   Bond Wife (1983) (as by Veronica Black)
   Lackland's Bride (1983)
   Alianor (1984)
   Song for Marguerite (1984)
   My Philippa (1984)
   Sangreal (1984) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Hoodman Blind (1984) (as by Veronica Black)
   Isabella, the She-wolf (1985)
   Sabre (1985) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Fair Maid of Kent (1985)
   Sabre's Child (1985) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Silken Sabre (1985) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Heart of Flame (1986) (as by Catherine Darby)
   The Vinegar Seed (1986)
   House of Sabre (1986) (as by Catherine Darby)
   The Vinegar Blossom (1986)
   The Luck Bride (1987)
   Breed of Sabres (1987) (as by Catherine Darby)
   The Vinegar Tree (1987)
   Double Deception (1987) (as by Elizabeth Law)
   Morning of a Sabre (1987) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Lady for a Chevalier (1987)
   Fruit of the Sabre (1988) (as by Catherine Darby)
   My Catalina (1988)
   Pilgrim in the Wind (1988) (as by Catherine Darby)
   A Scent of Lilac (1988) (as by Elizabeth Law)
   Noonday Queen (1988)
   Incredible Fierce Desire (1988)
   Regency Morning (1988) (as by Elizabeth Law)
   Gentle Sabre (1988) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Patchwork (1989)
   Minstrel for a Valois (1989)
   The Sealed Knot (1989) (as by Elizabeth Law)
   The Love Knot (1989) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Proud Bess (1990)
   Witch Queen (1990)
   Zabillet of the Snow (1990) (as by Catherine Darby)
   Much Suspected of Me (1990)
   Wife in Waiting (1990)
   The Flower of Martinique (1991)
   England's Mistress (1991)
   Last Seen Wearing (1991) (as by Veronica Black)
   A Masque of Brontes (1991)
   Daffodil Anne (1991) (as by Catherine Darby)
   My Name Is Polly Winter (1992) (as by Veronica Black)
   Green Apple Burning (1993)
   Child of Earth (1999)
   Valentine (2000)
   The Genii (2000)
   Goodbye Holly Jane (2001)
   The Child of Fire (2002)
   Verity (2002)
   Trumpet Morning (2006)
   The Haunting of Houses (2006)
   Vashti (2006)
   The Scent of Jasmine (2007)
   Sun of Silver, Moon of Gold (2008)
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