Vincent Banville

Ireland (b.1940)

aka Vincent Lawrence

Vincent Banville was born in Wexford in 1940. His novels include An End to Flight (London, Faber and Faber, 1973, originally published under the pen name Vincent Lawrence, reprinted, author Vincent Banville, Dublin, New Island Books, 2002); Death by Design (Dublin, The Wolfhound Press, 1993); Death the Pale Rider (Dublin, Poolbeg, 1995); and Cannon Law (Dublin, New Island Books, 2001).He has also published four books in The Hennessy series for children (Dublin, Poolbeg); Sad Song (New Island Books, 1999); and An Accident Waiting to Happen (New Island Books, 2002), in the New Island Open Door Series. He lives in Dublin.
   An End to Flight (1973) (as by Vincent Lawrence)
   Hennessey (1996)
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