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Dane Coolidge was born in Natick, Massachusetts, on March 24, 1873. He was brought up in Riverside, California, and received his higher education at Stanford and Harvard Universities. From 1895 to 1900 he was a field collector of mammals, birds and reptiles in Nevada, Arizona and Southern California for a number of institutions, including Stanford University, the British Museum, U. S. National Zoological Park, and the U. S. National Museum in Italy and France. On July 30, 1906, he married Nary Roberts, and the couple eventually made their home in Berkeley, California. In 1910, his first novel, Hidden Water, was published, and this was followed by a long succession of novels and some non-fiction, with California and Southwest locales. He and his wife collaborated on two books, The Navajo Indians (1930) and The Last of the Seris (1939). In addition, Coolidge contributed short stories and illustrated articles to several magazines, including Youth's Companion, Sunset, Redbook, Harper's and Country Life in America. Mr. Coolidge died in 1940; Mrs. Coolidge, in 1945.

Genres: Western
   Hidden Water (1910)
   The Texican (1911)
   Cowboy Songs (1912)
   Bat Wing Bowles (1914)
   The Desert Trail (1915)
   Rimrock Jones (1917)
   The Fighting Fool (1918)
   Shadow Mountain (1919)
   Silver and Gold (1919)
   Wunpost (1920)
   The Man-Killers (1921)
   Lost Wagons (1923)
   The Law West of the Pecos (1924)
   The Scalp Lock (1924)
   Lorenzo the Magnificent (1925)
   Under the Sun (1926)
   Horse-Ketchum (1930)
   Navajo Indians (1930) (with Mary Roberts Coolidge)
   Not Afraid (1930)
   Sheriff Killer (1932)
   Jess Roundtree, Texas ranger (1933)
   Navajo Rugs (1933)
   Silver Hat (1934)
   Long Rope (1935)
   Wolf's Candle (1935)
   Rawhide Johnny (1936)
   Snake Bit Jones (1936)
   Ranger Two-Rifles (1937)
   Arizona Cowboys (1938)
   Hell's Hip Pocket (1938)
   Gringo Gold (1939)
   Hell in Paradise Valley (1939)
   The Last of the Seris (1939) (with Mary Roberts Coolidge)
   Old California Cowboys (1939)
   Wally Laughs-Easy (1939)
   Bloody Head (1940)
   Yaqui Drums (1940)
   Bear Paw (1941)
   Comanche Chaser (1947)
   Fighting Men of the West (1954)
   California Cowboys (1985)
   Texas Cowboys (1985)
   Death Valley Prospectors (1985)
   The Fighting Danites (1996)
   The Trail of Gold (1997)
   Gun-Smoke (1999)
   The Man from Wyoming (2001)
   The Wild Bunch (2003)
   Bitter Creek (2004)
   Maverick Makers (2005)
   The Snake Dance (2005)
   The Soldier's Way (2006)
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