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Todhunter Ballard

(Willis Todhunter Ballard)
USA flag (1903 - 1980)

aka Brian Agar, P D Ballard, W T Ballard, Parker Bonner, Sam Bowie, Walt Bruce, Hunter D'Allard, Brian Fox, John Grange, Harrison Hunt, John Hunter, Neil MacNeil, Clint Reno, John Shepherd, Jack Slade, Clay Turner

Willis Todhunter Ballard was a Cleveland, Ohio-born American author, known for his Westerns and mystery novels. He was a majoe Black Mask crime writer with long, prolific career, often fast, sometimed proto-hardboiled, frequently complicated, usually slick and with human warmth. He also wrote numerous screenplays and teleplays. Oddly, he never won any MWA award, although he did capture the 1965 Western Writers of America Spur Award.

Genres: Western
Alias Smith and Jones (as by Brian Fox)
   Dead Ringer (1971)
   Dragooned (1976)
   Apache Gold (1976)
   Trick shot (1976)
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Vigilante (as by Clint Reno)
   1. Sun Mountain Slaughter (1974)
   2. Sierra Massacre (1974)
Bill Lennox (with James L Traylor)
   Hollywood Troubleshooter (1985)
   Murder Picks the Jury (1947) (as by Harrison Hunt)
   The Circle C Feud (1952)
   Incident at Sun Mountain (1952)
   High Iron (1953)
   Showdown (1953) (with James C Lynch)
   West of Justice (1954)
   Blizzard Range (1955)
   Trigger Trail (1955)
   The Package Deal (1956)
   Roundup (1956)
   Ride the Wind South (1957)
   Trail Town Marshal (1957)
   Death Takes an Option (1958)
   Rawhide Gunman (1958)
   Saddle Tramp (1958)
   Thunderhead Range (1960) (as by Sam Bowie)
   Gold Fever in Gopher (1962)
   Gopher Gold (1962)
   They Rode At Night (1962)
   Age of the Junkman (1963) (as by P D Ballard)
   The Night Riders (1963)
   Westward the Monitors Roar (1963)
   Desperation Valley (1964)
   End of a Millionaire (1964) (as by P D Ballard)
   Fight or Die (1967)
   Plunder Canyon (1967)
   Gunlock (1968) (as by Sam Bowie)
   The Wild Bunch (1969) (as by Brian Fox)
   Chisum (1970) (as by Sam Bowie)
   The Californian (1971)
   Sabata (1971) (as by Brian Fox)
   Brothers in Blood (1972) (as by P D Ballard)
   Trouble on the Massacre (1972)
   The Death Brokers (1973) (as by P D Ballard)
   Train Robbers (1973) (as by Sam Bowie)
   Loco and the Wolf (1973)
   Nowhere Left to Run (1973)
   Home to Texas (1974)
   Trails of Rage (1975)
   Cabin Fever (1976) (as by Brian Fox)
   The Sheriff of Tombstone (1977)
   Applegate's Gold (1985)
   Canyon War (1987) (as by Sam Bowie)
   Gold in California! (1995)
   West of Quarantine (1996)
   The Marshal from Deadwood (1997)
   Blood and Gold (1999)
   The Long Trail Back (1999)
   Two-Edged Vengeance (2000)
   Duke (2002)
   Guns of the Lawless (2002)
   Two Tons of Gold (2002)
   Gunman from Texas (2004)
   Outlaw Brand (2005)
   Tough in the Saddle (2020)
   Badlands Buccaneer (2022)
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