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Emma Chapman

Emma Chapman currently lives in Perth, Western Australia.
She wanted to be an actress until she was 16 and acted in a school play.  She was terrible.  But she did realise that the things she loved about acting (imagining she was somebody else), she could work at in a locked room as a writer instead of in front of an audience as an actress.  That way, she could slog quietly until she was good and then everyone would think she was a genius.  
After studying English Literature at Edinburgh University, Emma moved to London and did an MA in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway.  There, she was taught by Susanna Jones and Andrew Motion and spent most of the time willing her face back to a normal colour in front of these 'real' writers.  
She also worked part time at Toby Eady Associates literary agency, where she was taught the ropes of publishing by the kindly green-tea-drinking folks there.  
After her masters, she moved to Western Australia.  From there, she sent Toby Eady Associates her finished novel, and then nearly swallowed her own tongue in anticipation.  Luckily, they liked it, and after drinking much champagne, Emma worked on the novel with them for a further two years before it found a wonderful home at Picador in the UK.

Genres: Literary Fiction