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Louise Candlish is the author of seven novels, including the bestsellers Since I Don’t Have You, The Second Husband and Before We Say Goodbye. After studying English at University College London, Louise worked as a travel writer, art book editor and copywriter, before beginning her first novel on a whim during a holiday in Sicily. Her books are emotional dramas, often located in foreign settings where characters behave quite differently from the way they might in their lives at home. Other People’s Secrets (published by Sphere in July 2010) is set in Orta San Giulio in the Italian Lakes, where Louise spent several (rainy) weeks researching. She lives in South London with her partner and daughter.

Genres: Mystery
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February 2023

The Only Suspect
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Louise Candlish recommends
This Secret We're Keeping (2016)
Rebecca Done
"You might be surprised who you find yourself rooting for in this engrossing and intelligent tale of forbidden love. I enjoyed it hugely."
Truly Madly Guilty (2016)
Liane Moriarty
"A masterclass in teasing, drip-feed storytelling, this tale of three recognizably flesh-and-blood couples navigating the fallout of a disastrous social gathering is another triumph for Liane Moriarty. I loved every line of it."
Little Sister (2017)
Isabel Ashdown
"A missing baby girl, a marriage ravaged by mistrust, a sibling rivalry with a very dark heart: LITTLE SISTER had me gripped from start to finish."
Something in the Water (2018)
Catherine Steadman
"A thriller for our times... Catherine Steadman is a fresh and playful new voice and I can’t wait to see where her imagination takes her next."
The Most Difficult Thing (2019)
Charlotte Philby
"Charlotte Philby’s debut The Most Difficult Thing is an enigmatic and slippery beast, a cool new generation of spy novel. Just as the characters play cat and mouse with one another, so does the author with her readers – it’s a guessing game right to the end and I turned the last page with my heart pounding. Recommended."
Layover (2019)
David Bell
"You meet someone at an airport and the connection between you is so irresistible you change your flight and chase after them. This killer premise kicks off David Bell's twisty, breakneck thriller, and has you tearing through the pages to a shattering finale."
Little Disasters (2019)
Sarah Vaughan
"Sarah Vaughan turns her pin-sharp attentions to the blame game that is early parenthood, raising the stakes to truly fearful levels. This tense, absorbing read will have parents – in fact, all readers – turning the pages deep into the night."
Here To Stay (2019)
Mark Edwards
"Completely compulsive."
The Lying Room (2019)
Nicci French
"The hook of The Lying Room is chilling… From the very first page, Nicci French remains one step ahead of us as we race to unpick Neve Connolly's deadly tangle. Expertly paced, psychologically sharp, thoroughly enjoyable."
She (2020)
HC Warner
"SHE is a dark and delicious guessing game, designed to be read with the same relish as it is told. I gobbled up the story of the villainous Bella and her destruction of her husband Ben’s world in less than a day. Addictive stuff."
The Guest List (2020)
Lucy Foley
"Sharp and atmospheric and addictive – I tore through it!"
To Kill a Man (2020)
(Maggie Costello, book 5)
Sam Bourne
"A compulsive, zeitgeisty tale of gender politics and social-media manipulation. The perfect post-#MeToo thriller -- I gobbled it up."
Q (2020)
Christina Dalcher
"Like all the best dystopian fiction, Q takes the reader just a pace or two beyond where we’re already at. This is a sharply written and terrifyingly plausible tale of an education system where less than perfect is a life-threatening condition… I devoured it in a single day."
The Silent Treatment (2020)
Abbie Greaves
"Not so much a case of 'he said/she said' as 'he didn't say/she didn't say, ' this moving debut unpicks the secret selves of Maggie and Frank to reveal the tragic miscommunications of their broken family. It's a pleasure to read such a stylish and confident new voice--readers are going to love discovering Abbie Greaves."
The Daughters of Foxcote Manor (2020)
Eve Chase
"I just love Eve Chase's lyrical writing and evocative sense of place. The Daughters of Foxcote Manor is her best yet...A treat."
Finders, Keepers (2020)
Sabine Durrant
"A masterly slow-burn gripper."
Sisters (2020)
Michelle Frances
"There’s something more sinister than sibling rivalry lurking in Sisters and I tore through the pages, desperate to discover the terrible secret that separates Abby and Ellie. This high-speed chase of a novel is a perfect summer read."
One by One (2020)
Ruth Ware
"The sense of dread deepens as the snow falls in Ruth Ware's tensely plotted and deliciously cast alpine thriller."
The Push (2020)
Claire McGowan
"I loved this story. The flesh-and-blood characters, dry wit, and brilliant plotting are every bit as enjoyable as Big Little Lies."
While Paris Slept (2021)
Ruth Druart
"Both epic and intimate, this unexpected story of two couples' sacrifices in war-torn France had me completely and utterly enraptured. You'll have your heart in your mouth and tears on your cheeks as it reaches its rich, life-affirming conclusion."
Five Strangers (2021)
E V Adamson
"Both a tightly-plotted, entertaining work of suspense and an unflinching study of the trauma of witnessing violence, FIVE STRANGERS had me gripped from the first shocking chapter."
The Wild Girls (2021)
Phoebe Morgan
"When three estranged friends set off for an all-expenses-paid trip to Botswana, you just know it won’t be long before the discover the catch – and what a terrifying one it is! Tense, well-paced and with a cast of relatable flesh-and-blood women, The Wild Girls is an exhilarating, read-in-one sitting ride."
Both of You (2021)
Adele Parks
"I've always loved Adele Parks’s gripping, immersive novels and Both of You is one of her very best. Ambitious, nail-biting, darkly voyeuristic – I tore through it in two sittings."
The Wedding Party (2021)
Tammy Cohen
"Tense plotting, razor-sharp writing, and some on-the-nose relatable characterization. Highly recommended."
Payday (2021)
Celia Walden
"A satisfyingly nuanced take on the #MeToo novel . . . fearless, stylish, suspenseful and immensely entertaining."
The Impossible Truths of Love (2021)
Hannah Beckerman
"Skillfully entwining the private lives of mother Annie and daughter Nell, The Impossible Truths of Love is not only a story of love, but also of duty, character, identity. You will turn the pages of this rich and moving novel with a full heart."
The Maid (2022)
Nita Prose
"The Maid is elegant, warmhearted, and wry, and Molly the most winningly offbeat narrator since Eleanor Oliphant. An absolute joy - I didn't want it to end!"
Hidden Depths (2022)
Araminta Hall
"Immersive, suspenseful and humane, this is a novel to savour."
It Ends At Midnight (2022)
Harriet Tyce
"It Ends At Midnight takes us into the deepest, most toxic recesses of human behaviour. With the author's signature blend of courtroom suspense and relationships in mortal crisis, this is another delicious treat from Tyce."
Tell Me Your Lies (2022)
Kate Ruby
"A brilliantly constructed tale of rivalry, manipulation and revenge."
Do No Harm (2022)
Jack Jordan
"With proper breath-taking, pulse-racing levels of tension. Tracking heart surgeon Anna as she grapples with an impossible moral dilemma, I almost felt I was going under the knife myself."
The Skeleton Key (2022)
Erin Kelly
"A feat of real ambition and imagination - original, suspenseful, and with complex characters that spring irresistibly to life on the page, this is Erin Kelly at her finest."
In the Blink of an Eye (2023)
Jo Callaghan
"A fresh and intriguing detective double act - I fell hard for all-too-human Kat and her AI colleague Lock . . . a riveting cold case mystery told with compassion and verve."
The Mother (2023)
T M Logan
"I ripped through The Mother in a day, my heart in my mouth the entire time. Superbly plotted and packed full of danger, this is T.M. Logan's best, most adrenaline-fuelled thriller yet."

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