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J M Coetzee

(John Maxwell Coetzee)
South Africa (b.1940)

JM Coetzee's work includes Waiting For The Barbarians, Life & Times of Michael K, Boyhood: Scenes From Provincial Life, Youth, and Disgrace which won the Booker Prize, making him the first author to have won it twice.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction Best Book winner (1980) : Waiting for the Barbarians
The Man Booker Prize Best Novel winner (1983) : The Life and Times of Michael K
The Man Booker Prize Best Novel winner (1999) : Disgrace
Nobel Prize in Literature Lifetime Achievement winner (2003)
The Man Booker Prize Best Novel nominee (2005) : Slow Man
International IMPAC Dublin Literary Awards Best Novel nominee (2007) : Slow Man
The Man Booker Prize Best Novel nominee (2009) : Summertime
The Man Booker Prize Best Novel nominee (2016) : The Schooldays of Jesus

Books about J M Coetzee
J M Coetzee recommends
The Tanners (1907)
Robert Walser
"Unforgettable, heart-rending."
Beyond Sleep (1966)
W F Hermans and Willem Frederik Hermans
"A comedy of worldly disengagement trembling on the edge of tragedy, all the more hilarious for being related in Hermans' best poker-faced mariner."
A Blessing on the Moon (1997)
Joseph Skibell
"A work of striking originality."
The Gabriel Club (1998)
Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya
"An impressive debut, serious and passionate."
Half a Life (2001)
V S Naipaul
"Naipaul is a master of English prose and the prose of Half a Life is as clean and cold as a knife."
The Wedding (2001)
Imraan Coovadia
"A tender love story rendered in prose of dazzling comic wizardry."
The City of Sealions (2002)
Eva Sallis
"A rich book - a lyrical account of a girl's growth and self-discovery, and at the same time a deeply sympathetic exploration of Muslim culture."
The Man of Feeling (2003)
Javier Mariás
"Javier Mariás is in my opinion one of the best contemporary writers."
The Apothecary's Daughter (2004)
Patricia Schonstein
"A richly romantic tale of sexual awakening and betrayal."
Crossways (2004)
Sheila Kohler
"There is a territory - fictional and psychological - that Sheila Kohler has now marked as her own. I am full of admiration."
Inside (2006)
Kenneth J Harvey
"An extravagantly haunted imagination."
In the Country of Men (2006)
Hisham Matar
"A poignant story of a child exposed too early to the brutalities of Libyan politics."
The Rowing Lesson (2007)
Anne Landsman
"An elegy for a lost father and a beloved world on the point of disappearing. Rarely in South African writing will we encounter language of such fire and passion."
Muck (2007)
Craig Sherborne
"Mordantly true to life...one of the most interesting autobiographical projects currently on the go."
For the Sake of Silence (2008)
Michael Cawood Green
"A work of history cum fiction that will grip and sometimes amaze the reader."
God's Own Country (2008)
Ross Raisin
"Ross Raisin’s story of how a disturbed but basically well-intentioned rural youngster turns into a malevolent sociopath is both chilling in its effect and convincing in its execution."
The Cellist of Sarajevo (2008)
Steven Galloway
"A gripping story of Sarajevo under siege."
Trencherman (2008)
Eben Venter
"It's a powerful book, a dystopic vision of the future of South Africa."
The Twin (2008)
Gerbrand Bakker
"A novel of restrained tenderness and laconic humour."
The One That Got Away (2008)
Zoë Wicomb
"Zoë Wicomb's new stories combine the coolly interrogative gaze of the outsider with an insider's intimate warmth."
The Vera Wright Trilogy (2010)
(Vera Wright Trilogy)
Elizabeth Jolley
"The Vera Wright Trilogy stands out as the most ambitious and most accomplished work in Elizabeth Jolley's oeuvre."
Inside (2012)
Alix Ohlin
"A skillful storyteller . . . attractively quick-witted and wry."
Forest Dark (2017)
Nicole Krauss
"Charming, tender, and wholly original."
In the Distance With You (2018)
Carla Guelfenbein
"Subtle, clearsighted, and compassionate."
A Mouthful of Birds (2019)
Samanta Schweblin
"The Grimm brothers and Franz Kafka pay a visit to Argentina in Samanta Schweblin's darkly humorous tales of people who have slipped through cracks or fallen down holes into alternate realities."
The Other Americans (2019)
Laila Lalami
"This deftly constructed account of a crime and its consequences shows up, in its quiet way, the pressures under which ordinary Americans have labored since the events of 9/11."
To the Volcano (2019)
Elleke Boehmer
"With passion and intelligence, and rare moral insight, Elleke Boehmer traces the scars left on the psyche by the tortuous histories of the south."

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