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Jane Corry is a journalist who has written regularly for numerous newspapers and magazines including the Daily Telegraph Weekend section, the Mail on Sunday, Woman, Womans Own, Good Housekeeping and Woman & Home. She spent three years working as the writer-in-residence at a high security prison for men.
Jane Corry recommends
Lily's House (2016)
Cassandra Parkin
"Lily's House has a voice that leaps out of the page and holds you tight. Fresh. Original. Spell-binding."
Final Girls (2017)
Riley Sager
"An intriguing original idea. We’ve all shuddered at bloodbath stories - but how does the survivor cope? It made me think outside the psychological box. Fresh voice, great characterisation and unexpected surprises. This stayed in my mind because it was different."
The House (2017)
Simon Lelic
"This terrifying thriller sent shivers through me."
The Guilty Wife (2017)
Elle Croft
"What a clever idea! This kept me reading through the night to see how 'the guilty wife' would get out of this one..."
The House Swap (2018)
Rebecca Fleet
"So engrossing that I forgot to turn off the bath taps. Nearly caused a flood."
My Mother's Secret (2018)
Sanjida Kay
"This gripping story about families and secrets takes the meaning of 'deception' to a new level."
Girls' Night Out (2018)
Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke
"This suspenseful novel is full of twists and turns, and makes clever use of chronology. It will make you think twice about going on a girls’ night out!"
Mother (2018)
Hannah Begbie
"Brilliant! Cuts to the heart yet powerfully uplifting. Read this book: it’s in a class of its own."
When I Find You (2018)
Emma Curtis
"A clever 'who dunnit' with a twist that almost made me miss my flight."
The Day of the Accident (2018)
Nuala Ellwood
"A clever, twisty plot that takes psychological mind games to a new level. Nuala Ellwood has done it again!"

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