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Leslie Connor grew up outside of Schenectady, New York, and frequently crossed Freeman's Bridge on her way into the city.She lives with her family in Connecticut.

Genres: Children's Fiction
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Trouble at Turtle Pond (2022)
Diana Renn
"This book will make you stand up for turtles! I loved this story of friendship, self-reliance, and the meaning of becoming a good steward to all the creatures on our fragile planet. Bonus: A gripping mystery will keep you guessing!"
Glitter Gets Everywhere (2021)
Yvette Clark
"Kitty Wentworth draws readers into her personal journey through grief with surprising honesty and abundant humor. A touching debut that brims with authenticity. Well done!"
Bea Is for Blended (2021)
Lindsey Stoddard
"Lindsey Stoddard creates a highly relatable character in Cyrus Olson then puts him on a perfectly paced journey of the heart. Destination: the bravery to reveal his most authentic self to the people he loves."

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