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Michael Carroll

Ireland (b.1966)

aka Jaye Carroll

Michael Carroll (born 21st of March 1966) is an Irish writer of novels and short stories for adults and children. He is best knows for his series of superhero novels The New Heroes and his his romantic fiction under the name Jaye Carroll.

After leaving school at sixteen, he worked as a postman. Following a knee injury, he moved into computer programming in 1985 at the age of nineteen. In 1990 he met his future wife, Leonia Mooney, at the National Irish Science Fiction Convention, Octocon. He was a co-founder of the small-press magazine PFJ, first published in October 1991. Having attended the Irish Science Fiction Association writing classes held by Irish author Michael Scott, he decided to set his mind to becoming a full time writer, and finally did so in 1999.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror
She Fades Away (1996)
If the Shoe Fits (2000) (as by Jaye Carroll)
The Throwback (2001)
Renegade (2001)
Sweetest Feeling (2001) (as by Jaye Carroll)
Loving the Stars (2002) (as by Jaye Carroll)
Looking for Mr Wrong (2004) (as by Jaye Carroll)
The Callahan Kids: Tales of Life on Mars (2013) (with Ben Bova, Jim Denney, Marianne Dyson, Brian Enke, Tom Hill and Rebecca K Rowe)
Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Fallout (2014) (with Alan Grant, John Wagner and Rob Williams)
Series contributed to
Judge Dredd: Year One
The Cold Light of Day (2013)
Judge Dredd: Year One (omnibus) (2014) (with Al Ewing, Matt Smith and Matthew Smith)
The Avalanche (2018)
Lone Wolf (2018)
Judges: Volume 1 (omnibus) (2019) (with Charles J Eskew and George Mann)
Golgotha (2019)
Judges: Volume 2 (omnibus) (2020) (with Joseph Elliott-Coleman and Maura McHugh)
Anthologies edited