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Paul Auster

USA flag (1947 - 2024)
Husband of Siri Hustvedt

Paul Auster was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1947 to middle class parents. After attending Columbia University he lived in France for four years. Since returning to America in 1974, he published poems, essays, novels and translations.

Genres: Mystery, Literary Fiction
New York Trilogy
   1. City of Glass (1985)
   2. Ghosts (1986)
   3. The Locked Room (1986)
   In the Country of Last Things (1987)
   Moon Palace (1989)
   Auggie Wren's Christmas Story (1992)
   Leviathan (1992)
   Mr. Vertigo (1994)
   Dream Days in Hotel (1998)
   Timbuktu (1999)
   Sophie Calle: Double Game (1999)
   The Book of Illusions (2002)
   Oracle Night (2003)
   The Brooklyn Follies (2005)
   Travels in the Scriptorium (2006)
   Man in the Dark (2008)
   Invisible (2009)
   Sunset Park (2010)
   4 3 2 1 (2017)
   Baumgartner (2023)
   Wall Writing (poems) (1976)
   Facing the Music (poems) (1980)
   Disappearances (poems) (1988)
   Ground Work (1990)
   Selected Poems (poems) (1998)
   Collected Poems (poems) (2004)
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Central Park (2012)
An Anthology
edited by
Andrew Blauner

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Award nominations
2017 Booker Prize (shortlist) : 4 3 2 1
2004 Dublin Literary Award (nominee) : The Book of Illusions
1991 PEN/Faulkner Award (nominee) : The Music of Chance
1986 Edgar Award for Best Novel (nominee) : City of Glass

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The Magic Kingdom (2022)
Russell Banks
"As always happens when I read Russell Banks's work, I couldn't put it down. That is the Banks magic - the propulsive force of the narrative, even as his stories twist and turn through various diversions, asides, and introspections - for the narrative voice is always constant, and that constancy never fails to hold the reader in its grip. Banks is still working at full blast, creating work as good as anything he has ever done and - is it possible? - perhaps even better."
The Opposition (2022)
Todd Gitlin
"I read Todd Gitlin's novel in a great rush of enthusiasm and awe, thoroughly caught up in the lives of his characters and his vivid portrayal of 1960s America--with all of the tumult, rage, and hope of that time. No one understands that time better than Todd Gitlin, who has written about it extensively in his previously lauded books, but now that he has turned his hand to fiction, the result is even more vivid, more thrilling, and I for one would urge every person I know to read it."
The Stone World (2022)
Joel Agee
"Joel Agee's astonishing new novel is one of the purest, most penetrating explorations of childhood I have ever read. Driven by a prose almost transparent in its clarity, the book takes us so deep into the inner life of its six-year-old protagonist that the customary boundaries between writer and reader, reader and text, text and truth dissolve. We are inside the inside and therefore outside ourselves - at one with the book. The Stone World is more than a great literary achievement, it is a remarkable human achievement as well."

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