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Susan Choi

USA flag (b.1969)

Susan Choi was born in Indiana and grew up in Texas. Her first novel, The Foreign Student, won the Asian-American Literary Award for Fiction and was a finalist for the Discover Great New Writers Award at Barnes & Noble. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Picture Books
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Best Book nominee (2004) : American Woman
PEN/Faulkner Award for fiction Best Book nominee (2009) : A Person of Interest

Susan Choi recommends
Mary B (2018)
Katherine J Chen
"Perhaps not even a newly discovered Austen manuscript could exceed the delicious pleasure of Mary B. From an unswept corner of literature, Katherine J. Chen has conjured a heroine whose story is heartbreaking, hilarious, and, finally, thrilling."
Bluebeard's First Wife (2020)
Seong-nan Ha
"These mesmerizing stories of disconnection and detritus unfurl with the surreal illogic of dreams."
The Orchard (2020)
David Hopen
"David Hopen’s riveting debut joins the urgency of a thriller with the devastating consequence of a spiritual crisis for its hero, who is no less imperiled by his religion than by the threat of its loss. In Ari Eden’s story the clash between youth and experience, godlessness and piety, individualism and conformity, will feel both devastatingly familiar and utterly new. The Orchard throws open the doors to this world, and introduces a major new voice."
Paradise, Nevada (2021)
Dario Diofebi
"Diofebi is an irreverent and audacious new voice."
Monkey Boy (2021)
Francisco Goldman
"Francisco Goldman . . . Francisco Goldberg? . . . Frankie Gee!--crafter of the tenderest dirtiest love scenes!--the wisest and spookiest children!--the fathers whose monstrosity breaks our hearts with compassion for them--who else can do all this? Francisco Goldman is uncategorizable, as is this book which made me grow a second heart just to contain all its fierce tenderness. Goldman has been my literary hero from his first entrancing Long Night of White Chickens to this latest take-no-prisoners Monkey Boy. He is a true original, that rarest of writers, the kind we cannot live without."

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