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Yangsze Choo is a fourth generation Malaysian of Chinese descent. After graduating from Harvard, she worked as a management consultant and at a startup before writing her first novel. Yangsze eats and reads too much, and often does both at the same time.

Genres: Historical, Fantasy
Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Best Book nominee (2014) : The Ghost Bride

Yangsze Choo recommends
The Last Train to London (2019)
Meg Waite Clayton
"Sometimes a novel comes along that feels both rooted in history, yet timelessly pertinent. The Last Train to London is a brilliant and chilling reminder of history's lessons, told urgently and sympathetically from the viewpoint of the children desperate to flee Hitler's regime, and the women willing to risk all to save them. Meg Waite Clayton's unflinching, evocative prose brings the entwined destinies of Stephan, Zofie-Helene, and Truus to life. The cruelties, large and small, inflicted by the Nazis on their chosen scapegoats echo ominously in today's world, leading us to ponder the thin line separating bravery from indifference. Yet The Last Train to London is also a reminder of love, tenderness, and friendship that blossoms despite tremendous risk. Beautifully written and brimming with hope and gravitas, this is a tale that will transport readers to the edge of their seats, even as the last Kinder Transport prepares, against all odds, to leave for London."
The Library of Legends (2020)
Janie Chang
"Vibrant, rich, and moving, The Library of Legends brings an unusual true episode in Chinese history to shimmering, heartfelt life."
The Last Train to Key West (2020)
(Cuba Saga, book 3)
Chanel Cleeton
"Brimming with secrets, hope, and love, this is a book that you'll devour in one sitting (like I did!)."
Mexican Gothic (2020)
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
"Darkly brilliant and captivating . . . Readers who love old houses and family secrets will devour this book (as I did!). The setting itself—High Place, with its reputation for swallowing the dreams of young women—is a character in this marvelously fantastical novel, stretching from glamorous 1950s Mexican high society to the crumbling pride of an abandoned silver mine. Silvia Moreno-Garcia enthralls with this twisty tale of love and betrayal."
The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany (2020)
Lori Nelson Spielman
"Lori Nelson Spielman's deft and tender touch illuminates a glorious journey through Italy, and the heart. The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany is unflinchingly honest about the frailty of human desires, as Emilia encounters estrangement, lies, and betrayal, yet it treats them with grace and forgiveness. It's a wonderful balance between the darkness of the human heart, and the irrepressible optimism of love and adventure at any age. Filled with humor and wisdom, this is a celebration of life, and love."
Ariadne (2021)
Jennifer Saint
"Ariadne is a shimmering tapestry of two sisters bound by deceit and the shadows of family history. One marries a hero, the other a god. As their lives criss-cross through girlhood and womanhood, the secrets that their husbands keep become a monstrous backdrop to their relationship. With a fresh voice and keen insight, Saint adds flesh and bone to an ancient myth, drawing the reader into an uneasy world of ever-afters."

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