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Victor Canning

UK flag (1911 - 1986)

aka Julian Forest, Alan Gould

Victor Canning was a prolific writer of novels and thrillers who flourished in the 1950s, '60s and '70s, but whose reputation has faded since his death in 1986. He was personally reticent, writing no memoirs and giving relatively few newspaper interviews.

Genres: Mystery, Children's Fiction, General Fiction
Polycarp's Progress (1935)
Fly Away Paul (1936)
Two Men Fought (1936) (as by Alan Gould)
Matthew Silverman (1937)
Mercy Lane (1937) (as by Alan Gould)
Sanctuary from the Dragon (1938) (as by Alan Gould)
The Wooden Angel (1938) (as by Julian Forest)
Every Creature of God Is Good (1939) (as by Alan Gould)
Fountain Inn (1939)
The Viaduct (1939) (as by Alan Gould)
Atlantic Company (1940) (as by Alan Gould)
Green Battlefield (1943)
The Chasm (1947)
Panther's Moon (1948)
     aka Hunter's Moon
The Golden Salamander (1949)
A Forest of Eyes (1950)
Venetian Bird (1951)
     aka Bird of Prey
The House of the Seven Flies (1952)
The Man from the Turkish Slave (1954)
     aka A Handful of Silver
Castle Minerva (1955)
His Bones Are Coral (1955)
     aka Twist of the knife
The Hidden Face (1956)
     aka Burden of Proof
The Manasco Road (1957)
     aka The Forbidden Road
Dragon Tree (1958)
     aka The Captives of Mora Island
The Burning Eye (1960)
A Delivery of Furies (1961)
Black flamingo (1962)
The Limbo Line (1963)
The Scorpio Letters (1964)
The Shark Run (1968)
Queen's Pawn (1969)
Dev-i istabdad (1970)
Great Affair (1970)
Firecrest (1971)
The Rainbird Pattern (1972)
     aka Family Plot
The Finger of Saturn (1973)
The Mask of Memory (1974)
The Kingsford Mark (1975)
The Doomsday Carrier (1976)
Birdcage (1978)
The Satan Sampler (1979)
Fall from Grace (1980)
Boy on Platform One (1981)
     aka Memory Boy
Vanishing Point (1982)
Raven's Wind (1983)
Birds of a Feather (1985)
Table Number Seven (1987)
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Reading for Men (1958) (with Captain A A Bestic, Whitney Darrow Jr, Corey Ford, Harold Sinclair and Jerrard Tickell)
Three Of The Best: Melting Man, Python Project, Delivery of Furies (1986)
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