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After completing his undergraduate education at the University of Utah, Mr. Methos abandoned pursuing a doctorate in philosophy for law school. A partner at a law firm he helped found, he has conducted over 100 criminal trials and has been voted one of the most respected criminal lawyers in the West by Utah Business Magazine.

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and having lived throughout the world before settling in the United States, Mr. Methos loves experiencing new cultures and peoples. His current goal is climbing the Seven Summits, and hopefully not dying in the process.

Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction

Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (2019) : A Gambler's Jury

Victor Methos recommends
An Equal Justice (2019)
(David Adams, book 1)
Chad Zunker
"Taut, suspenseful and action packed with a hero you can root for, Zunker has hit it out of the park with this one."

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