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Chris Durbin grew up in the seaside town of Porthcawl in South Wales. As a sea cadet, he had his first experience of sailing in the treacherous tideway of the Bristol Channel. He was a crew member on the Porthcawl lifeboat before joining the navy.

Chris spent twenty-four years as a warfare officer in the Royal Navy, serving in all classes of ship from aircraft carriers through destroyers and frigates to the smallest minesweepers. He took part in operational campaigns in the Falkland Islands, the Middle East and the Adriatic. As a personnel exchange officer, he spent two years teaching tactics at a US Navy training centre in San Diego.

Genres: Historical
New and upcoming books
Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventures
   1. The Colonial Post-captain (2017)
   2. The Leeward Islands Squadron (2018)
   3. The Jamaica Station (2018)
   4. Holbrooke's Tide (2019)
   5. The Cursed Fortress (2019)
   6. Perilous Shore (2019)
   7. Rocks and Shoals (2020)
   8. Niagara Squadron (2020)
   9. Ligurian Mission (2021)
   10. Nor'west by North (2021)
   11. Carlisle's Duty (2022)
   12. Treacherous Moon (2022)
   13. Cousins at Arms (2023)
   14. An Upright Man (2023)
   15. Old Bahama Straits (2024)

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