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When Denise [Deni] Dietz was in the third grade, she wrote her first story, The Pencil Who Grew Up to Be a Stub. Although the assignment was to write a one-page story, using an ink pen, Deni wrote a five-page story, first-person...and she used a pencil (the narrator of her story). Whereupon, she received a failing grade for not following orders. Like Hitchcock the Dog in Footprints in the Butter, Deni doesn't follow orders unless they make sense.

Years later, after Deni had enjoyed a short-lived singing career and acting career, she sat at her typewriter, flexed her fingers, and pounded out her first culinary mystery: Throw Darts at a Cheesecake, inspired by her part-time job as a Weight Watchers lecturer. In Cheesecake diet club members are getting killed off at goal weight and eating as if their lives depended on it. Switching to a computer, Deni hit the bestseller list with Footprints in the Butter - an Ingrid Beaumont Mystery co-starring Hitchcock the Dog. She followed that success with her stand-alone, Fifty Cents for Your Soul, her "reluctant witch mystery," Eye of Newt and three more diet club mysteries.

Married to Aussie/Canadian author, Gordon Aalborg (AKA Victoria Gordon), whom she met on-line through a writers loop, Deni moved to Vancouver Island, where she is owned by a chocolate Lab named Magic.
   The Rainbow's Foot (1998)
   A Highwayman Comes Riding (2000) (with Mary Ellen Johnson)
   Journeys of the Heart (2000) (with Sally Painter)
   Dream Dancer (2001)
   Fifty Cents For Your Soul (2002)
   The Wishing Star (2002)
   Hallie's Comet (2004)
   Eye of Newt (2004)
   Soap Bubbles (2010)
   A Woman's Touch (2010) (with others)
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Blondes In Trouble (2004)
And Other Tangled Tales
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Serita Stevens

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2010 Lefty Award for Best Humorous Mystery Novel (nominee) : Strangle a Loaf of Italian Bread

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