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Italy (b.1981)

Francesco Dimitri is an Italian magic realist author living in London, a business story-teller, and a lifetime searcher for wonder. He has written in many different forms (nonfiction, fiction, comics, cinema, digital media, essays, magazines) and worked for top business clients. In his quest for wonder he has shot documentaries about UFO cults, slept deep into the forests of Transylvania, conversed with mathematicians, artists, chefs, psychologists, stage magicians, and strangers in crowds.

Genres: Fantasy
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Calypso (2024)
Oliver K Langmead
"Bloody hell, it's brilliant! Seriously, I'm happy something like this exists. It's fantastic. A sense of wonder pervades every line and every chapter; the characters are memorable, warm, heartbreakingly human. Give as many people as possible a chance to go on this strange, savage journey."
Verge (2023)
Nadia Attia
"Verge is a marvellous story of crossroads: crossroads of life, of magic, of politics, of place. I fell for Rowena and Halim; I was with them at every twist and turn of their strange journey. Come, it's the journey of a lifetime."
All the White Spaces (2022)
Ally Wilkes
"This story took me to another age, another place . . . I would say it's timely, but that would hide a more important fact, that it's timeless."

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