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Jonathan Dee

Jonathan Dee is the author of six novels, most recently A THOUSAND PARDONS. He is a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine, a frequent contributor to Harper's, and a former senior editor of The Paris Review. He teaches in the graduate writing programs at Columbia University and the New School.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Non fiction
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Best Book nominee (2011) : The Privileges

Jonathan Dee recommends
Song of a Captive Bird (2018)
Jasmin Darznik
"Farrokhzad’s determination to live freely and authentically, and to express that determination in her art, proved unbearable to the fundamentalist state. Darznik brings her own poetic sensibility to bear on this tragic, but ultimately inspiring, act of creative remembrance."
The Little Clan (2018)
Iris Martin Cohen
"Iris Martin Cohen's The Little Clan nails 21st-century New York: the antic collision of old and new money, old and new art, old and new pretensions. Funny and sharp-eyed and just as fond as it is satiric."
Lost Empress (2018)
Sergio de la Pava
"De la Pava himself can seem like an avenging angel, at least for those with a certain view of what ails contemporary American literature."
American Pop (2019)
Snowden Wright
"The House of Forster is built on bubbles; watching each wealth-addled generation try not to blow the family fortune and/or disgrace its name provides not only excellent Southern Gothic fun but a panoramic tour of the American Century."
Carnegie Hill (2019)
Jonathan Vatner
"A marvelous book."
Weather (2020)
Jenny Offill
"Novelists don't need to dream the end of the world anymore they need to wake up to it. Jenny Offill is one of today's few essential voices, because she writes about essential things, in sentences so clipped and glittering it's as if they are all cut from one diamond."
If I Had Your Face (2020)
Frances Cha
"A provoking, ultimately inspiring tale of women pushing back against oppressive customs both traditional and new . . . Frances Cha, like her quartet of narrators, has a rebel’s heart."
The Index of Self-Destructive Acts (2020)
Christopher Beha
"Beha is a sneaky-great plot-maker and thinker; by the time he wraps up this compassionate 21st-century tale of ambitious people looking for somewhere to place their faith?religion, statistics, love, money, country?you can see the clouds starting to gather into the moral Category 5 we’re currently enduring."
Afterparties (2021)
Anthony Veasna So
"Karen Russell, Carmen Maria Machado, Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah — you can count on one hand the authors of this century whose debut short-story collections are as prodigious and career-making as Afterparties. This lovingly specific, history-haunted comedy of Cambodian-American manners should put Anthony Veasna So on smart readers' radar to stay."

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