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Julie C. Dao fell in love with storytelling at age eight, when she discovered Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, and the Choose Your Own Adventure books. She reluctantly studied medicine in college at her parents insistence, but came to realize that blood and needles were her Kryptonite (not so convenient for a doctor). By day, she worked in science news and research; by night, she wrote books about far-off lands and bold heroines unafraid to fight for their dreams. She considers writing to be her most useful skill, seeing as her other talents include: being the slowest eater on Earth, winning over other peoples cranky pets in true Disney princess fashion, and reciting Lord of the Rings movie quotes on command.

Her writing endeavors are well documented on her blog and have made her determined to help others with the same dream. When she's not making up stories, she's reminiscing about her travels in Paris, London, and Ireland, and dreaming about her next destination (hopefully Japan or New Zealand!). Julie lives, works, and writes in New England.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
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Julie C Dao recommends
Reign of the Fallen (2018)
(Reign of the Fallen, book 1)
Sarah Glenn Marsh
"An immersive fantasy that explores love, grief, and the power of death, Reign of the Fallen features a bisexual necromancer heroine who will bring your heart to life!"
The Poppy War (2018)
(Poppy War, book 1)
R F Kuang
"A thrilling, action-packed fantasy of gods and mythology… The ambitious heroine’s rise from poverty to ruthless military commander makes for a gripping read, and I eagerly await the next installment."
Give the Dark My Love (2018)
(Give the Dark My Love, book 1)
Beth Revis
"Stunning and shocking to behold, Give the Dark My Love asks: How far will we venture into darkness for the ones we love?"
The Sisters of the Winter Wood (2018)
Rena Rossner
"This dark fairy tale about sisterly love and Jewish strength and courage, set against the backdrop of a deep and deadly winter forest, will haunt me for a long time. A powerful, emotional debut."
Girls of Paper and Fire (2018)
(Girls of Paper and Fire, book 1)
Natasha Ngan
"Get ready to be pulled into a lush, magical world, where two concubines must hide their forbidden love if they want to survive the Demon King's treacherous court. A fiery, spellbinding read."
The Girl King (2019)
(Girl King, book 1)
Mimi Yu
"This action-packed epic fantasy engrossed me from the first page. Lu is a heroine for the ages!"
The Afterward (2019)
E K Johnston
"The Afterward features a band of lady knights, a lovely F/F romance, and a unique look at what happens after the heroes save the world. High fantasy lovers, you’ll love this."
Sorcery of Thorns (2019)
Margaret Rogerson
"Like the grimoires that fill its pages, Sorcery of Thorns lives, breathes, and beckons you closer with each enchanting word. This is classic fantasy at its very best."
There Will Come a Darkness (2019)
(Age of Darkness , book 1)
Katy Rose Pool
"A sweeping, ambitious fantasy that pulled me into a world of corruption, dark prophecy and, ultimately, hope. The breathlessly paced story and well-rendered ensemble cast gripped me until the very last pages."
Where Dreams Descend (2020)
(Kingdom of Cards, book 1)
Janella Angeles
"Where Dreams Descend is a glamorous dark gem of a tale, sparkling with romance, magic, and intrigue. Readers will be captivated by prima donna Kallia as the mystery is slowly unmasked. Bravissima!"

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