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Xiran Jay Zhao is a first generation immigrant to Canada from small town China (which, for China, means a town of 4 million people). A recent graduate from Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University, they wrote sci-fi and fantasy books while they probably should’ve been studying more biochemical pathways. 
They are in a cow suit because they made a promise to their friends 7 years ago that they would take their author photo in it if they actually got published, and they are not going back on that promise. 
You can find them on Twitter for daily shit posts, Instagram for cosplays and very Extra outfits, and YouTube for videos about Chinese history and culture.


Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Children's Fiction
Iron Widow
   1. Iron Widow (2021)
   2. Heavenly Tyrant (2024)
Xiran Jay Zhao recommends
Shad Hadid and the Forbidden Alchemies (2023)
(Shad Hadid, book 2)
George Jreije
"Shad Hadid tugged at my heartstrings, made me laugh, and dazzled me."
The Hurricane Wars (2023)
(Hurricane Wars, book 1)
Thea Guanzon
"A masterpiece of worldbuilding. Thea Guanzon forges a rich, fantastical realm with poignant and immersive prose and a spectacularly unique magic system. All hail the World Mother of Lir."
Tessa Miyata Is No Hero (2023)
Julie Abe
"At once heartrending and heartwarming, this thrilling, magical tale of finding one's inner strength will show that Tessa Miyata is more than a hero - she is a legend!"
Her Radiant Curse (2023)
Elizabeth Lim
"Elizabeth Lim's worlds and words are always magical."
Shanghai Immortal (2023)
A Y Chao
"Charmingly irreverent and led by a protagonist bursting with personality, Shanghai Immortal brings a hilarious fresh spin on the deep lore of Chinese mythology, tinged with a dash of unexpected sweetness."
The Fraud Squad (2023)
Kyla Zhao
"Zhao (not my cousin) showcases both glamor and grit in this thrill ride through Singapore's high society, balancing dazzling luxury with critiques of classism and inherited privilege!"

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