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Thirty-two year old Olivia Darling was born and raised in the West of England. At the age of eighteen she met an Italian art student in St Ives and ran away to Tuscany in hot pursuit of him. The love affair didn't last but Olivia's sojourn in Montepulciano inspired a much more enduring passion for Vino Nobile that soon became a fascination with viticulture. Her other interests include ballroom dancing (she has won awards for her quickstep) and men who drive Aston Martins. She lives in London.

Olivia's first novel, VINTAGE, is a modern take on the 1980's blockbusters written by the likes of Jackie Collins and Danielle Steel. VINTAGE is set in the wine regions of the United States, France and Great Britain and follows the fortunes of three very different women as they compete to make the best sparkling wine in the world. It's full of love, lust, lots of sex and more than a little champagne!

Genres: Romance