Saumya Dave


Saumya Dave is a writer, resident psychiatrist, and co-founder of thisisforHER. Her writing has been featured in The New York Times, Huffington Post, Refinery29, and others. She lives in New York City with her husband.

Genres: General Fiction
Saumya Dave recommends
The White Coat Diaries (2020)
Madi Sinha
"Madi Sinha's witty, heartfelt novel navigates the worlds of medicine and South Asian culture. Readers everywhere will root for Norah Kapadia's compelling journey of self-discovery. Told with equal parts wit and warmth, this story beautifully explores ambition, romance, and identity."
Serena Singh Flips the Script (2021)
Sonya Lalli
"Sonya Lalli's charming novel explores how our relationships define us. Through honesty, humor, and vulnerability, Serena Singh reminds us that new, fulfilling connections are possible at any age. This equal parts relatable and entertaining story is a delight from start to finish!"
A Special Place for Women (2021)
Laura Hankin
"Told with a rare blend of humor and insight, this is the perfect read for anyone who wants to escape and be entertained!"
The Sweetest Remedy (2021)
Jane Igharo
"The Sweetest Remedy is a stunning story about family, love, and what it means to belong. Jane Igharo has a knack for writing bold, heartfelt stories and this one is a joy from start to finish!"
The Taste of Ginger (2022)
Mansi Shah
"The Taste of Ginger is a compelling exploration of family, identity, and what it means to belong. Told with empathy and warmth, this heartfelt debut is a delight from start to finish!"
Red Thread of Fate (2022)
Lyn Liao Butler
"Lyn Liao Butler is quickly becoming a go-to author for heartfelt, complex stories. Red Thread of Fate has everything - family secrets, mystery, identity. The rare blend of suspense and humor makes this story hard to put down. I can't wait to read what Butler writes next!"

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