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Genres: Romance, General Fiction
Kelly Rimmer recommends
Flying At Night (2018)
Rebecca L Brown
"Rebecca L Brown’s debut novel offers an engaging glimpse into the life of a family in crisis. Flying at Night’s characters are uniquely endearing, and their story presents a moving reminder of the ways that forgiveness can heal both the giver and receiver."
The Rest of Me (2018)
Katie Marsh
"A deeply emotional and utterly relatable tale of family life and modern motherhood. I fell quite in love with Alex and her family, and loved every word of this beautifully written book."
Photos of You (2018)
Tammy Robinson
"A deeply emotional story that will remind you that life is a gift, and it's never too late for love."
The Paris Orphan (2019)
Natasha Lester
"A fantastically engrossing story. I loved it."
The Mother-in-Law (2019)
Sally Hepworth
"The Mother-in-Law is indeed twisty and suspenseful, but even more than that, it's clever and nuanced."
The Whispers of War (2020)
Julia Kelly
"The Whispers of War is a beautifully told story, and a timely reminder that history works in chillingly familiar patterns. Julia Kelly writes gripping, moving historic fiction that’s not to be missed."

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