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Peggy Dern

(Peggy Dern Gaddis)
USA flag (1895 - 1966)

aka Georgia Craig, Peggy Gaddis, Gail Jordan, Perry Lindsay
Heart's Retreat (1932)
Cottage Colony (1935)
Song in Her Heart (1938)
Their Hearts to Keep (1939)
Help Yourself to Love (1941)
Spring Harvest (1941)
The fighting Terhunes (1942)
Passion In the Pantry (1942) (as by Perry Lindsay)
The Passionate Widow (1942) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Young and Dangerous (1943) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Stranger-husband (1944)
Tent show (1944)
Flight Nurse (1945) (as by Georgia Craig)
Shady Lady (1945) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Six Times a Bride (1945) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Those crazy Bartletts (1945)
Unashamed (1945) (as by Perry Lindsay)
The Blonde (1946) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Blonde Trouble (1946) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Christmas Hall (1946)
Heart's Home (1946)
No Nice Girl (1946) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Burning Desire (1947) (as by Perry Lindsay)
This Is Happy (1947)
The Heart Remembers (1948) (as by Georgia Craig)
Sin Cinderella (1948) (as by Perry Lindsay)
As Good as Married (1949) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Impatient Lovers (1949) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Passionate Virgin (1949) (as by Perry Lindsay)
     aka Brief Pleasure
Shack-Up Girl (1949) (as by Perry Lindsay)
This, Too, Is Love (1949) (as by Georgia Craig)
Dark Passion (1950) (as by Gail Jordan)
Overnight Cabin (1950) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Swamp Girl (1950) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Shameless Woman (1951) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Doctor Scott (1957)
Nurse Ellen (1957)
Second Chance (1958)
Alaska Love (1959) (as by Georgia Craig)
Karen (1959)
A Little Love (1959)
At Granada Court (1960)
Caribbean Melody (1960)
Doctor Grant's Desire (1960) (as by Georgia Craig)
Dr. Hugh's Two Nurses (1960)
Enchanted Spring (1960)
Kerry Middleton, Career Girl (1960) (as by Georgia Craig)
Love Trap (1960)
Nurse Hilary and Doctor Stuart (1960)
Rozalinda (1960)
The Girl Outside (1961) (as by Georgia Craig)
Nurse At Sea (1961) (as by Georgia Craig)
The Trusting Heart (1961)
     aka Wild Orchids
Bahamas Nurse (1962) (as by Georgia Craig)
The Season For Love (1962)
Holiday Nurse (1963)
     aka A Nurse Called Hope
Nurse With A Dream (1963)
Orchids for a Nurse (1963)
Betsy Moran RN (1964)
Nurse at Guale Farms (1964) (as by Georgia Craig)
The Doctor's Wife (1966)
Desire Under Rose (1967) (as by Perry Lindsay)
Nurse Felicity (1967)
Nurse in the Tropics (1973)
Come Home Holly Lowman (1981) (as by Georgia Craig)
Florida Nurse (1989)
Understand, My Love (1992)
No Part of Marriage! (1993) (as by Georgia Craig)
Nurse At Burford's Landing (1993)
County Nurse (1993)

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