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John Lescroart

USA flag (b.1948)

John Lescroart was born in Houston, Texas and brought up in Texas, New York and Northern California.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Historical Mystery
Non fiction
Shamus Awards Best Novel nominee (1990) : Dead Irish

John Lescroart recommends
Shadow of Doubt (1996)
(Kali O'Brien, book 1)
Jonnie Jacobs
"A strong debut."
Venom (2002)
Jeffrey Ames
"A tightly-crafted and suspenseful read."
Cold Truth (2004)
(Lou Mason, book 3)
Joel Goldman
"Joel Goldman is the real deal."
Darker Than Night (2004)
(Night, book 4)
John Lutz
"John Lutz is a major talent."
The Echelon Vendetta (2007)
(Micah Dalton, book 1)
David Stone
"A terrific read. THE ECHELON VENDETTA is terrifying, stylish, action-packed."
Locke 1928 (2007)
Shawna Yang Ryan
"Shawna Ryan's Water Ghosts is a multi-layered marvel of a book. The prose is a delight, the characters fascinating, the story richly imagined and heart-rending. This first novel of grace and substance presages a notable literary career for Shawna Ryan."
The Timer Game (2008)
(Grace Descanso, book 1)
Susan Arnout Smith
"The Timer Game is a highly entertaining, intelligent, original yet classic thriller. Susan Arnout Smith has written a gem here - memorable characters and a fast and furious ticking-clock plot. A really good read!"
Dark Matter (2008)
Cameron Cruise
"A top-notch talent, Cameron Cruise is going to be around for a long time."
Gauntlet (2009)
Richard Aaron
"Wow, wow, wow! Gauntlet is a tour de force of exhuberant storytelling... the definitive reality-based global thriller. Great suspense, a killer plot, and - amazingly - real characters. An absolute winner."
The Amateur American (2009)
J Saunders Elmore
"A superior work of action-packed suspense... A natural-born writer, Elmore's got an ear for dialogue and an eye for intrigue. The combination equals reading pleasure."
Dead Ball (2009)
(Deadly Sports Mystery, book 2)
Michael Balkind
"Listen up, sports and mystery fans! Buy Michael Balkind's Dead Ball right now. Remember 'Bo Knows Sports'? The should update it to 'Balkind Knows Sports' (and mysteries, too)."
The Insider (2010)
Reece Hirsch
"Hirsch... is writing and running with the big boys."
Fire Dance (2011)
Mike Sirota
"Mike Sirota is an absolute pro of a writer and, even for non-aficionades of ghost stories, these pages sing."
The Trial (2011)
Larry D Thompson
"Just terrific... As real as a heart attack, and every bit as suspenseful."
Trespasser (2011)
(Mike Bowditch Mystery, book 2)
Paul Doiron
"Doiron is an accomplished and powerful new voice in suspense fiction."
Original Sin (2011)
(Sally Sin)
Beth McMullen
"Smart, sassy, sexy Sally Sin is an absolute delight of a heroine whom I predict will be around delighting readers for a very long time. And her first adventure, Original Sin, is pure entertainment gold."
The Lost Wife (2011)
Alyson Richman
"The Sophie's Choice of this generation."
Cemetery Girl (2011)
David Bell
"David Bell's Cemetery Girl grabbed me by the throat on page one and never let up. An intense, unrelenting powerhouse of a book, and the work of a master."
The American Lawyer (2012)
John Martel
"A gem of international legal suspense, Martel is a total pro at the top of his game."
Gumshoe (2014)
(Mortimer Angel, book 1)
Rob Leininger
"Mortimer Angel is my new favorite Private Eye."
Hold a Scorpion (2016)
(Diana Poole, book 2)
Melodie Johnson-Howe
"A mega-tough yet sympathetic heroine."
Ginny Moon (2017)
Benjamin Ludwig
"Artfully rendered, heartbreaking, funny and suspenseful, The Original Ginny Moon is a veritable smorgasbord of a read that will stay with you long after you've consumed the final page. Excellent!"
The First Family (2018)
Daniel Palmer and Michael Palmer
"The First Family is adrenaline-fueled entertainment that twists, turns, surprises and satisfies!"
Wicked River (2018)
Jenny Milchman
"Suspense oozes like blood from a wound on every page of Jenny Milchman's Wicked River. As scary and tense a book as I've read this year."
Bound for Gold (2018)
(Peter Fallon, book 6)
William Martin
"Epic in scale, eloquent in execution, Bound for Gold is a pure delight. The great Forty-Niner gold rush comes to vivid life in William Martin’s skillful, suspenseful, and original retelling, and its resonance into the present is nothing short of mesmerizing."

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