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Daniel Ehrenhaft

USA flag (b.1970)

aka Erin Haft, Daniel Parker

Daniel Ehrenhaft is the author of several dozen books for children and young adults-so many books, in fact, that he has lost count. He has often written under the pseudonym Daniel Parker (his middle name, which is easier to spell and pronounce than his last), and occasionally Erin Haft. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Jessica, as well as a scruffy dog named Gibby and a psychotic cat named Bootsy. When he isn't writing, he tirelessly travels the globe on a doomed mission to achieve rock stardom. As of this date, his musical credits include the composition of bluegrass soundtrack numbers for the epic straight-to-video B movie The Grave, a brief stint playing live rap music to baffled Filipino audiences in Hong Kong, and scoring the still-picture montage Election Trip. He once worked in a cheese shop. He was fired.

Genres: Young Adult Romance, Young Adult Fantasy
Countdown (as by Daniel Parker)
1. January (1998)
2. February (1998)
3. March (1999)
4. April (1999)
5. May (1999)
6. June (1999)
7. July (1999)
8. August (1999)
9. September (1999)
10. October (1999)
11. November (1999)
12. December (1999)
Wessex Papers (as by Daniel Parker)
1. Trust Falls (2002)
2. Fallout (2002)
3. Outsmart (2002)
Watching Alice (with Lee Miller (as by Daniel Parker) )
1. Break the Surface (2004)
2. Walk On Water (2004)
3. Seek the Prophet (2004)
4. Find the Miracle (2005)
Series contributed to
Love Stories (as by Erin Haft)
22. A Kiss Between Friends (1997)
Sweet Sixteen (with Melinda Metz (as by Daniel Parker) )
4. Trent (2000)
Anthologies edited
Non fiction