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Kelli Estes

Kelli Estes grew up in the apple country of Eastern Washington before attending Arizona State University where she learned she'd be happiest living near the water, so she moved to Seattle after graduation. Today she lives in a Seattle suburb with her husband and two sons. When not writing, Kelli loves volunteering at her kids' schools, reading (of course!), traveling (or playing tourist in Seattle), dining out, exercising (because of all the dining), and learning about health and nutrition.

Genres: Historical
Kelli Estes recommends
The Fortune Teller (2017)
Gwendolyn Womack
"There aren't enough words to adequately describe how much I love The Fortune Teller. It is a gripping and masterfully woven combination of history, mystery, fate, adventure, and family ties: a true page-turner that enthralls from the first sentence with unique characters, fascinating settings, and intriguing artifacts."
The Woman in the White Kimono (2019)
Ana Johns
"The Woman in the White Kimono is an elegant testament to the tenacity of hope, even when the bindings of cultural and familial expectations are drawn so tight. I look forward to reading more from this talented author."
Lost Autumn (2020)
Mary-Rose MacColl
"A captivating story of two women finding their way through powerful relationships and difficult decisions. Lost Autumn is both a grand adventure and a tender reflection on how lives bump against each other leaving bruises or, sometimes, deep wounds that take a lifetime to heal."

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