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Amy Poeppel grew up in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from Wellesley College and worked as an actress in the Boston area, appearing in a corporate industrial for Polaroid, a commercial for Brooks Pharmacy, and a truly terrible episode of Americas Most Wanted, along with other TV spots and several plays. While in Boston, she also got her Masters in Teaching from Simmons College.

She is married to David Poeppel, a neuroscientist at NYU and Director of the Max Planck Institute in Frankfurt. For the past twenty years, they have lived in many cities, including San Francisco, Berlin, and New York City, and had three sons along the way. Amy taught high school English in the Washington, DC suburbs for several years, and after moving to New York, she worked as an Assistant Director of Admissions at Trevor Day School, where she had the fulfilling experience of meeting and getting to know hundreds of applicant families.

Genres: General Fiction, Literary Fiction
Amy Poeppel recommends
Emerald Coast (2017)
Anita Hughes
"EMERALD COAST delivers a sexy, sunlit, romantic escape, whisking the reader to the picturesque town of Porto Cervo, with all the tastes, sights, and feelings that accompany a glamorous seaside holiday -- a great summer read!"
She Regrets Nothing (2018)
Andrea Dunlop
"Andrea Dunlop has done it again! As she did so well in Losing the Light, Dunlop has created unforgettable characters and a setting so richly drawn, the reader is immersed in the drama until the last engaging page. She Regrets Nothing is an entertaining, compelling story of family, class, and the yearning to belong."
The Husband Hour (2018)
Jamie Brenner
"A beautiful story of grief, healing, the power of forgiveness, and the enduring love of family."
The Ones We Choose (2018)
Julie Clark
"A novel with a wonderfully smart and strong protagonist, Julie Clark's debut The Ones We Choose is an impressive and surprising combination of hard science and raw emotion. In this absorbing story of friendship, parenting, and the intensity of the sibling bond, Clark reveals how messy family life can be and how the mess itself might be of great value. An engaging read!"
The Subway Girls (2018)
Susie Orman Schnall
"A fast-paced, clever novel filled with romantic possibilities, high-stakes decisions, and harsh realities. Perfect for fans of Fiona Davis’s The Dollhouse, this engrossing tale highlights the role that ambition, sexism, and true love will forever play in women’s lives."
The Bucket List (2018)
Georgia Clark
"Combining the heat of Sally Thorne and the wit of Maria Semple, THE BUCKET LIST is poignant, super sexy, and hilarious."
Hollow Kingdom (2019)
(Hollow Kingdom, book 1)
Kira Jane Buxton
"What a surprising, funny, terrifying, marvelous, wholly original novel! Buxton combines a vivid horror show (think zombies and the gruesome, bloody extinction of man) with a touching love story between the unlikeliest of BFFs: a crow, a hound, and a man who's had a tough go of things on Tinder, and that was before his eyeball fell out. With humor and a style that brings to mind Tom Robbins and Karen Russell, Buxton's debut is heartwarming and heart stopping, hilarious and tragic."
That's Not a Thing (2020)
Jacqueline Friedland
"Fans of Jojo Moyes and Karma Brown will simply love Jacqueline Friedland's romantic, poignant novel, That's Not A Thing. In this dramatic and insightful story, Friedland explores tragedy, true love, and life's many 'what ifs'."
Best Behavior (2020)
Wendy Francis
"Wendy Francis captures all the joy and pain of being an (almost) empty-nester in her latest novel. Picture a college graduation weekend on a lovely New England campus. Now mix in some booze, an ex or two, the in-laws, a trophy wife, and loads of secrets/scandals. Soon enough, no one is behaving at their best. A terrific summer read."
The Summer Set (2020)
Aimee Agresti
"With the drama and humor of a Shakespearean play, Agresti's novel is filled with backstage antics, on-stage tantrums, behind the scenes scandals, and off-stage romance, all in the crazy, fast-paced world of summer stock theater. Sparks fly and opposites attract as The Summer Set explores the blurred line between playing a part and being true to yourself."
Tiny Imperfections (2020)
Alli Frank and Asha Youmans
"Youmans and Frank's deep-dive into private school culture sets the stage for a dishy, charming story of West Coast elitism and parenting at its pushiest. But it's the characters, especially the marvelous Bordelon women, who give this delightful novel its heart and humor - and who make you long to be part of the family even after the last page."
The Two Mrs. Carlyles (2020)
Suzanne Rindell
"If you loved Rindell's The Other Typist, if you adored Jane Eyre, if you were riveted by Rebecca, you will be enthralled by The Two Mrs. Carlyles . . . Eerie and suspenseful . . . Rindell reminds her readers how quickly trust can be shattered."
Loathe at First Sight (2020)
Suzanne Park
"Suzanne Park has written a fast and fun debut, putting females in the lead."
Joint Custody (2021)
(Gatz Chronicles, book 1)
Lauren Baratz-Logsted and Jackie Logsted
"The authors of Joint Custody take the reader on a delightful adventure, led by a determined, cheeky, endearing narrator named Gatz, a Border Collie on a mission to reunite his owners. Our hero may miss a few key signs along the way, but he shares his growing understanding of happiness, true love, friendship, and happy endings. Highly entertaining!"
Girls with Bright Futures (2021)
Tracy Dobmeier and Wendy Katzman
"Girls With Bright Futures is a dark and wild trip into the cutthroat world of college admissions, placing vicious, out-of-control parents under a harsh and unforgiving light. Dobmeier and Katzman have cranked up the volume on Varsity Blues-type scandals in this gripping novel packed full of escalating surprises."
The Invisible Husband of Frick Island (2021)
Colleen Oakley
"The Invisible Husband Of Frick Island is a fricking delight! An awkward newcomer travels to a tiny, remote community whose residents cling as tightly to their way of life as they do to their secrets, even as climate change threatens to sweep the whole charming island out to sea. Part mystery, part romance, and full to the brim with heart and hope, Colleen Oakley's latest is the perfect summer read."
A Special Place for Women (2021)
Laura Hankin
"Feminism, astrology, and politics merge in this funny, high-stakes story...hilarious, fast-paced, and so very original."
The Magic of Found Objects (2021)
Maddie Dawson
"Written with loads of humor and heart, The Magic of Found Objects is a delightful, feel-good tale of friendship and marriage, motherhood and sacrifice, disillusionment and hope. Dawson takes the reader on a quest for the perfect life partner. Is it the kind, comfortable friend right in front of you, or does the universe have something more exciting in store? Maddie Dawson at her finest!"
The Show Girl (2021)
Nicola Harrison
"Harrison has written an energetic, propulsive, delightful book."

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