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Rachel Edwards is the author of Darling, a novel which charts the fast-evolving relationship between a black British woman, Darling, and her white stepdaughter, Lola.Opening on the day of the Brexit vote, the book explores the deep tension and trickiness that comes from these lives colliding. Darling and Lola tell us their secrets as two families’ stories twist together to become one. Darling negotiates a new marriage, mindful of a Jamaican mother who has not let death stop her from giving advice and young son who needs all her love and care. But what is to be done about her and Lola?In difficult times, racism threatens to corrupt society and even to corrupt love itself. But what happens when love has been wronged; when love itself turns? Within six months one of them is dead… Darling is a novel for dark times and a reminder that love must always win.

Genres: Mystery
   Darling (2018)
   Lucky (2021)
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