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Best selling author, Jane E James creates chilling reads that appeal to fans of psychological thrillers, mysteries and dark fiction. Jane loves to weave tense and haunting tales that stay in the reader's mind. All her books are standalone novels.

Jane recently signed a two-book publishing deal after her 2nd novel, The Crying Boy (a compelling suspense thriller inspired by actual events) became an overnight best seller on Amazon, knocking both Stephen King and Dean Koontz off the top suspense spot.

When she isn't writing (or reading) Jane enjoys living ‘the good life’ in the Cambridgeshire countryside with her 'all-action-super-hero' hubby. Rebecca, Carrie, The Woman in Black and Wuthering Heights are among some of Jane's favourite reads.

Visit her website www.janeejames.com or catch up with her on facebook and twitter. But bring Monster Munch and wine...

Genres: Mystery
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March 2024

The Godmother
   The Crying Boy (2017)
   The Long Weekend (2019)
   The Butcher's Daughter (2019)
   Looking For Lucy (2021)
   Her Second Husband (2023)
   Not My Child (2023)
   The Son-in-Law (2023)
   The Godmother (2024)

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