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Susan Edwards resides in California with her husband of 20+ years. With their kids away to college, they are rediscovering life without kids. During the day, Susan, a dog and five cats keep her from suffering "empty nest" syndrome. Nellie and Petie are seniors. Raven and Wolf are kittens known as the terrors or purr-purrs depending on their behavior. Lady is a sweet two-year- old she inherited from her daughter.

A rabbit left over from when her kids were young has run of the backyard and Sadie, her new dog (Aussie/boarder collie mix), protects the home. If a UPS truck dares to come near the house, Susan hears about it. Sadie also makes sure Susan takes breaks from writing to go outside and play. Sadie does not believe in being left alone. Where Susan goes, Sadie follows.

Susan enjoys quilting, sewing, gardening, raising birds, camping, fishing and is an avid reader. She hates cooking and housework and loves to listen to a wide variety of music, including Neil Diamond, Celtic, Native American, Classical, and mood music (bagpipes and howling wolves drives her family nuts).

Susan has always been an incurable daydreamer. As a child she wrote stories in her head. Now she writes them on paper to share with others.

Genres: Historical Romance
White / Legacy of Dreams
   1. White Wind (1996)
   2. White Wolf (1999)
   3. White Flame (1999)
   4. White Nights (2000)
   5. White Dreams (2000)
   6. White Dove (2001)
   7. White Dawn (2002)
     aka Dawn of Dreams
   8. White Dusk (2002)
     aka Shattered Dreams
   9. White Shadows (2003)
   10. White Deception (2004)
   11. White Vengeance (2006)
   12. White Christmas Reunion (2015)
   Envious Hearts (2019)
Seasons Of Love
   1. Summer of the Eagle (2007)
   2. Autumn Dreams (2015)

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