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Lisa Scottoline

USA flag (b.1956)
Mother of Francesca Serritella

Lisa Scottoline is a New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award-winning author of twenty-seven novels. She has 30 million copies of her books in print in the United States, she has been published in thirty-five countries, and her thrillers have been optioned for television and film. Lisa also writes a weekly column with her daughter, Francesca Serritella, for The Philadelphia Inquirer, and those critically acclaimed stories have been adapted into a series of memoirs. She lives in the Philadelphia area with an array of disobedient pets.

Genres: Mystery, Historical
New Books
February 2023

Pigeon Tony's Last Stand
(We Could Be Heroes)
March 2023

   Getaway (2017) (with Nelson DeMille)
Series contributed to
Non fiction series
Non fiction
Lisa Scottoline recommends
Sunrise (1994)
(Leigh Ann Warren mystery)
Chassie West
"West has created a heroine human enough to appreciate a mother's hug, gutsy enough to solve a murder, and sensible enough to love Italian shoes. Bravissima!"
The Flower Master (1999)
(Rei Shimura, book 3)
Sujata Massey
"The Flower Master is Sujata Massey at her masterful best."
Fall to Pieces (1999)
(Kate Banning, book 3)
Cecelia Tishy
"Great reading."
The Doctor Makes a Dollhouse Call (2000)
(Doctor Fenimore, book 2)
Robin Hathaway
"Never has a dollhouse seemed so deadly. No one turns sweet into sinister with more wit and humour than Hathaway."
Up Country (2001)
(Paul Brenner, book 2)
Nelson DeMille
"Nelson DeMille is one of the best writers in the whole damn country, and UP COUNTRY is a suspense novel for our times. This book is not only an absorbing investigation of a secret murder in a country of secrets, it's a profound exploration of the nature of war, justice, and even the human heart."
Paranoia (2004)
Joseph Finder
"Terrific... nail-biting suspense."
Queenpin (2007)
Megan Abbott
"Megan Abbott continues to be my absolute favorite new author."
Stone Creek (2008)
Victoria Lustbader
"STONE CREEK is a beautiful book. Victoria Lustbader has crafted a well-written and highly readable story that also serves as a profoundly intelligent exploration of love."
A Bad Day's Work (2010)
(Lilly Hawkins, book 1)
Nora McFarland
"Packed full of adrenaline and attitude, A Bad Day's Work is a roller-coaster ride of a mystery. Don't miss it!"
A Crack in Everything (2011)
(Susan Callisto Mystery, book 1)
Angela Gerst
"An impressive debut..."
Rosarito Beach (2013)
(Kay Hamilton, book 1)
M A Lawson
"This riveting thriller...launches a new star in crime fiction, the tough-minded and tough-talking DEA Agent Kay Hamilton."
Eyes on You (2014)
Kate White
"Set in the glamorous world of television, Kate White's Eyes On You wraps you in suspense and keeps you pinned to the page. I couldn't put it down."
Woman with a Gun (2014)
Phillip Margolin
"A master of plot and pacing-and one of those rare authors who can create a genuinely surprising ending."
Pretty Baby (2015)
Mary Kubica
"Single White Female on steroids.... If you haven't read Mary Kubica yet, you need to start right this minute... This riveting psychological thriller had me turning the pages at warp speed."
Only the Hunted Run (2016)
(Sully Carter, book 3)
Neely Tucker
"The test of a crime series is its main character, and Sully is someone we'll want to read again and again."
The Rising (2017)
(Rising , book 1)
Heather Graham and Jon Land
"A slam-bang. can't-put-it-down thriller."
Compromised (2017)
(Denise Aragon, book 2)
James R Scarantino
"The Drum Within is a superb novel, and this is a hearty welcome to an insanely talented newcomer, Jim Scarantino."
The Secret Room (2017)
(Zoe Goldman, book 3)
Sandra Block
"I am a forever-fan of the Zoe Goldman series and will read anything Sandra Block writes. You should too."
Not a Sound (2017)
Heather Gudenkauf
"Heather Gudenkauf is one of my favorite new authors."
UNSUB (2017)
(UNSUB, book 1)
Meg Gardiner
"With a killer from your nightmares and a heroine who must risk everything to stop him, UNSUB grabs you by the heart and refuses to let go. A relentless, compelling thriller."
Just Between Us (2017)
Rebecca Drake
"Rebecca Drake's Just Between Us is suspense at its best--a riveting, fast-paced psychological thriller that brilliantly explores the limits of friendship and the secrets we keep from one another."
Watch Me (2018)
Jody Gehrman
"Riveting, chilling, and page-turning. Be prepared to stay up all night."
The Wife (2018)
Alafair Burke
"A subtly sneaky, emotionally complex, and utterly addictive novel of psychological suspense, The Wife delivers on all fronts. Burke always comes through with twisty plots and strong female characters, but she’s at the top of her game here."
Not Perfect (2018)
Elizabeth LaBan
"If you haven’t read Elizabeth LaBan, her latest novel, Not Perfect, is the perfect place to start. It’s a domestic mystery starring Tabitha Brewer, a suburban housewife who wakes up one morning to find her husband gone and her life changed forever. Tabitha is a wonderfully relatable heroine, and you’ll cheer her on, despite the fact she has a few secrets—or maybe because of them! I love this book!"
Bluff (2018)
Michael Kardos
"Michael Kardos is a master at ratcheting up the suspense, and Bluff combines poker, a brilliant con game, and two terrific women who run the show. If you haven't read Kardos yet, Bluff is the perfect place to start!"
The Escape Artist (2018)
(Zig and Nola, book 1)
Brad Meltzer
"THE ESCAPE ARTIST has a magic trick up its sleeve. Part Lisbeth Salander, part Homeland's Carrie Mathison. One of the most memorable characters I've read in years. Look out--Nola's coming. This is Meltzer in peak form."
Baby Teeth (2018)
Zoje Stage
"Unnervingand unputdownable, BABY TEETH will get under your skin and keep you trapped in its chilling grip until the shocking conclusion."
The Thief of All Light (2018)
(Santero and Rein, book 1)
Bernard Schaffer
"Bernard Schaffer is the real thing. He writes about cops with the assurance of a seasoned police veteran, and his debut THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT launches a stunning series with two of the most original heroes ever - as well as a killer who sets a new standard for lethal danger."
Long Road to Mercy (2018)
(Atlee Pine, book 1)
David Baldacci
"David Baldacci's best yet. He keeps the pages flying and the plot twisting in this ingenious and riveting thriller. Best of all, he introduces a compelling new heroine in FBI Agent Atlee Pine. I can't wait to see what she does next. Baldacci delivers, every time!"
Nine Perfect Strangers (2018)
Liane Moriarty
"If three characters were good in Big Little Lies, nine are even better in Nine Perfect Strangers."
What Have You Done (2018)
(Adler and Dwyer)
Matthew Farrell
"A young crime writer with real talent is a joy to discover, and Matthew Farrell proves he’s the real deal in his terrific debut, What Have You Done. He explores the dark side of family bonds in this raw, gripping page-turner, with suspense from start to finish. You won’t be able to put it down."
Saving Meghan (2019)
D J Palmer
"Plenty of twists...will keep you turning the pages as you guess...and guess again."
The Holdout (2020)
Graham Moore
"Wow! I loved The Holdout, in which author Graham Moore does the impossible, creating a page-turning legal thriller with a twisty and absolutely riveting plot, as well as raising profound and thought-provoking questions about the jury system and modern justice. All that, plus a strong and compelling female heroine in lawyer Maya Seale, whom you’ll root for as the tables turn against her and she finds herself behind bars, with everything on the line. You won’t be able to put this one down!"
Last Day (2020)
Luanne Rice
"Luanne Rice is the master of small towns with big secrets. With a deft touch, she draws us into a picture-postcard New England village, behind the closed doors of a well-loved home with its beautiful gardens and perfect family, only to expose the truths within. Surprising, powerful, a total page-turner."
A Good Marriage (2020)
Kimberly McCreight
"I loved A Good Marriage, a fast-paced pageturner that combines the complexity of a legal thriller with the emotional resonance of domestic suspense. You won't be able to put it down!"
In the Company of Killers (2021)
Bryan Christy
"I loved Bryan Christy's In the Company of Killers, an exotic, riveting thriller unlike any other. In his fiction debut, Christy, himself a champion of endangered animals and an expert in wildlife trafficking around the world, uses every detail from his stellar career to inform the story of protagonist Tom Klay, a flinty, fascinating investigative journalist with a secret identity. When Klay's best friend is murdered, he travels the globe to hunt down the killer, jeopardizing himself by revealing his double life and pitting himself against a ruthless and lethal adversary more powerful than he ever imagined. In the Company of Killers depicts locales like Kenya, Manila, and South Africa with authenticity and realism, and at the same time, brings to life the world of espionage, with neither borders nor laws."
When the Stars Go Dark (2021)
Paula McLain
"The twisty plot keeps the pages flying, and Paula McLain's lyrical and poetic prose reveals insight after insight about the human heart, making this riveting read not only an engrossing psychological thriller, but crime fiction of the highest order."
Hush Little Baby (2021)
R H Herron
"R. H. Herron's Hush Little Baby is a dark, twisty, totally modern thriller that I couldn't put down. Its heroine, Dr. Jillian Marsh, is the gutsy survivor of a troubled childhood and alcoholism, and when the novel opens, she's carrying the biological child of her wife - who has just left her for another woman. Jillian relies on her circle of friends, The Ripleys, for support, but they can't help when strange things start happening around her house. She begins to suspect someone is stalking her, then events turn harrowing and Jillian finds herself in the battle of her life, for her life - and for her baby. I'm new to R. H. Herron but this page-turner puts her on my must-read list!"
The Woman with the Blue Star (2021)
Pam Jenoff
"Heartfelt and beautifully written... This emotional novel is filled with twists, turns, and displays of bravery and love that you will never forget, culminating in an ending that manages to be both surprising and uplifting at the same time. This is singular historical fiction that you will not be able to put down."
The Postmistress of Paris (2021)
Meg Waite Clayton
"I loved The Postmistress of Paris, a novel of so many layers - a suspense story, a love story, and a story about the purpose of art. Meg Waite Clayton is a brilliant and deft writer, and I rooted for her strong, witty and brave heroine on her pulse-pounding mission to save Jewish painters, intellectuals, and a motherless child from Vichy France."
The Good Left Undone (2022)
Adriana Trigiani
"Adriana Trigiani has written the triumph of her career in this historical epic. This novel is the dramatic, emotional, and profound saga of three generations of women in the Cabrelli family of gemcutters-Domenica, Matelda, and Anina-and each character is more brilliant than the last. This novel shines like a flawless diamond, with a multifaceted narrative that shifts seamlessly between Viareggio, Marseilles, and Scotland, bringing to light a sweep of history that I never knew existed. Most of all, at its core is the generous, beating heart of family - and a love story that will seep into your soul. I have always loved Adriana Trigiani's books, but The Good Left Undone is a crown jewel of historical fiction."
Two Nights in Lisbon (2022)
Chris Pavone
"I absolutely loved Chris Pavone's Two Nights in Lisbon, an unputdownable thriller that's his best novel yet. It stars a strong and savvy heroine who wakes up one morning to find her husband missing, and the action never lets up. This is a masterly, sleek, and sophisticated novel about love, marriage, and truth. Read it!"
The House Guest (2023)
Hank Phillippi Ryan
"Hank Phillippi Ryan is one of my favorite authors, and THE HOUSE GUEST proves why. This riveting novel twists and turns through the pageturning turn shocking, with revelation after revelation in a thriller that never forgets to touch the heart."
Her Deadly Game (2023)
Robert Dugoni
"I adore Robert Dugoni's legal thrillers, and Her Deadly Game is his best one yet. I loved Keera Duggan's strength and her heart, which shine through the pages, and I rooted for her every step of the way through this unputdownable story."
Once We Were Home (2023)
Jennifer Rosner
"Poignant, moving, and unforgettable...Rosner is one of my favorite authors, and she writes with the pen and heart of a poet. Rosner enlightens us about a little-known but vital part of world history, and at the same time uplifts us with how this foursome grows to adulthood, claims their identity, and finds love and family of their own."
The Golden Doves (2023)
Martha Hall Kelly
"[A] riveting story of two brave and amazing women who work in the French Resistance during World War II . . . a triumph!"
Bessie (2023)
Linda Kass
"Bessie, which brought to vivid life the coming-of-age of Bess Myerson, Miss America of 1945.ce of her era. In Kass's hands,she becomes every woman, and the amazing story of her time becomes the story of our time, too."

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