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Ed Gorman's picture

Ed Gorman

(Edward Joseph Gorman)
USA flag (1941 - 2016)

aka E J Gorman, Daniel Ransom

Ed Gorman was the beloved author of dozens of mystery novels. He received the Shamus Award, the Spur Award, and the International Fiction Writers Award for his contributions to the genre.


Jack Walsh
1. The Night Remembers (1991)
Robert Payne
1. Blood Moon (1994)
     aka Dead Cold
2. Hawk Moon (1995)
3. Harlot's Moon (1997)
4. Voodoo Moon (2000)


Dev Mallory
1. Bad Money (2005)
2. Fast Track (2006)

Daddy's Little Girl (1985) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Toys in the Attic (1986) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Night Caller (1987) (as by Daniel Ransom)
The Forsaken (1988) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Grave's Retreat (1989)
The Babysitter (1989) (as by Daniel Ransom)
The Black Moon (1989) (with Loren D Estleman, W R Philbrick, Robert J Randisi and L J Washburn)
Night of Shadows (1990)
Nightmare Child (1990) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Serpent's Kiss (1992) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Robin in I, Werewolf (1992) (with Angelo Torres)
The Long Midnight (1992) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Shadow Games (1993)
I, Werewolf (1993)
Wolf Moon (1993)
The Sharpshooter (1993)
Cold Blue Midnight (1995)
The Marilyn Tapes (1995)
The Fugitive Stars (1995) (as by Daniel Ransom)
The First Lady (1995) (as by E J Gorman)
Black River Falls (1996)
Night Screams (1996) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Cage of Night (1996)
Runner in the Dark (1996)
Zone Soldiers (1996) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Gundown (1997)
The Poker Club (1997)
Senatorial Privilege (1997) (as by E J Gorman)
The Silver Scream (1998)
Trouble Man (1998)
Daughter of Darkness (1998)
I Know What the Night Knows (1999)
Senatorial Privelege (1999)
Ride into Yesterday (1999)
Storm Riders (1999)
Pirate's Plea (2000)
What Dead Man Say (2000)
Lawless (2000)
Blackmail and Lace (2001) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Ghost Town (2001)
Vendetta (2002)
Rituals (2002)
Relentless (2003)
Lynched (2003)
Gun Truth (2003)
Branded (2004)
Two Guns to Yuma (2005)
Shoot First (2006)
A Knock at the Door (2007)
The Midnight Room (2009)
The Girl in the Attic (2012) (with Patricia Lee Macomber)
The Man From Nightshade Valley (2012) (with James Reasoner)
The Prodigal Gun (2012) (with James Reasoner)
Now You See Her (2014)
Run to Midnight (2016)


Graphic Novels

Short Stories
Series contributed to
Anthology series

Anthologies edited
The Black Lizard (1987)
The Second Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction (1988)
Stalkers (1989) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Under the Gun (1990) (with Martin H Greenberg and Robert J Randisi)
Night Kills (1990)
Dark Crimes (1991)
Invitation to Murder (1991) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Solved (1991) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Dark Crimes 2 (1993)
Predators (1993) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Danger in DC (1993)
The Fine Art of Murder (1993)
Feline and Famous (1994) (with Martin H Greenberg)
A Modern Treasury of Great Detective and Murder Mysteries (1994)
Gunslinger (1994)
Woman on the Beat (1995) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Night Screams (1996) (with Martin H Greenberg)
The Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories (1997) (with Martin H Greenberg and Joan Hess)
American Pulp (1997)
The Fatal Frontier (1997) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Love Kills (1997)
The UFO Files (1998) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Once upon a Crime (1998)
The Best of the American West (1998)
The Big Book of Noir (1998) (with Martin H Greenberg and Lee Server)
The Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories: Seventh Annual Edition (1999) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Future Crimes (1999) (with Martin H Greenberg and John Helfers)
Pure Pulp (1999) (with Bill Pronzini)
Rapunzel's Revenge (2000) (with Brendan DuBois and Martin H Greenberg)
The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories II (2000) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Sleuths of the Century (2000) (with Jon L Breen)
Star Colonies (2000) (with Martin H Greenberg and John Helfers)
Felonious Felines (2000) (with Carol Gorman)
The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories (2000)
Such a Good Girl (2001)
Pulp Masters (2001) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Desperadoes (2001)
Guns of the West (2002) (with Martin H Greenberg)
The Blue and the Gray Undercover (2002)
Kittens, Cats and Crime (2003)
Stagecoach (2003) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Texas Rangers (2004) (with Martin H Greenberg)
The Adventure of the Missing Detective (2005) (with Martin H Greenberg)
The Widow of Slane (2006) (with Martin H Greenberg)
The Deadly Bride (2006) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Wolf Woman Bay (2007) (with Martin H Greenberg)
A Prisoner of Memory (2008) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Between the Dark and the Daylight (2009) (with Martin H Greenberg)
By Hook or By Crook (2010) (with Martin H Greenberg)
On Dangerous Ground (2011) (with Martin H Greenberg and Dave Zeltserman)
The Interrogator (2012) (with Martin H Greenberg)
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Ed Gorman
Short stories
False Idols (1982)
Gunslinger [short story] (1988)
Valentine from a Vampire (1988) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Dark Muse (1989) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Drifter (1989)
Idol (1989)
The Curse (1990)
Dance Girl (1990)
Friends (1990)
The Man in the Long Black Sedan (1990)
Masque (1990)
Nightmare Child [short story] (1990) (as by Daniel Ransom)
The Order of Things Unknown (1990)
Dark Whispers [short story] (1991)
Duty (1991)
Killing Kate (1991)
Night Cries (1992) (as by Daniel Ransom)
The Ugly File (1992)
Dreams of Darkness (1993)
The Face (1993)
A Harlot's Tears (1993)
Judgment (1993)
Valentine (1993) (with Rex Miller (as by Daniel Ransom) )
Cages [short story] (1994)
The Brasher Girl (1995)
The End of It All [short story] (1995)
The Moving Coffin (1995)
Out There in the Darkness [short story] (1995)
Survival (1995)
Synandra (1995)
Lover Boy (1996) (as by Daniel Ransom)
Emma Baxter's Boy (1997)
To Fit the Crime (1997)
Angie (1999)
The Long Sunset (1999)

Bram Stoker Best Collection nominee (1996) : Cages
Bram Stoker Best Collection nominee (2002) : The Dark Fantastic

Ed Gorman recommends
Hour of the Cat
Hour of the Cat (1980)
Gene DeWeese
"DeWeese is one of those real pros whose praises are to seldom sung."
Dragon's Jaw
Dragon's Jaw (1989)
(Vietnam Ground Zero, book 16)
Eric Helm
"Some of the most riveting war fiction written..."

Moonbane (1989)
Al Sarrantonio
"A novel with real style, informed by a wry and sometimes chilling point of view. Moonbane is not quite like anything you've read before!"
Desert Fire
Desert Fire (1993)
David Hagberg
"Hagberg takes his rightful place among such masters as Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler."

Bad Karma (1997)
(Trey Campbell, book 1)
Andrew Harper (Douglas Clegg)
"Take a mental hospital, a weary psychiatrist suffering from nightmares he doesn't understand, and a killer as chilling as they come, and you've got a sleek, smooth, and constantly surprising page-turner. Reminds me of a very hip Robert Bloch. Some exceptionally nice work here."

Drawn to the Grave (1997)
Mary Ann Mitchell
"A tight, taut, dark fantasy with surprising plot twists and a lot of spooky atmosphere. Mary Ann Mitchell is definitely somebody to watch!"
The Double Life
The Double Life (2006)
(Diagnosis Murder, book 7)
Lee Goldberg
"[Lee Goldberg] can plot and write with the best of them."

Going Back (2010)
Tony Richards
"Man, can this guy write."

Lake Charles (2011)
Ed Lynskey
"Lake Charles is going to scorch your soul... I loved it."

Tribulations (2012)
Ken Shufeldt
"A powerful look at a disturbing future."

Saint Homicide (2014)
Jake Hinkson
"...a chilling masterpiece that would have given Jim Thompson nightmares...Saint Homicide is fresh and startling and establishes Jake Hinkson as a major player."

The Silence (2014)
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
"Kristine Kathryn Rusch's crime stories are exceptional, both in plot and style."

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