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Jennie Fields is the author of Lily Beach and The Middle Ages. She received a master's degree from the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa. She is a senior vice president of a New York advertising agency, and she lives with her daughter in Brooklyn, New York.

Genres: Historical
Jennie Fields recommends
Not Our Kind (2018)
Kitty Zeldis
"Kitty Zeldis is one of those rare writers who doesn’t just weave a story, she creates a world. In this case, 1947 New York -- vivid, dazzling, challenging -- where a young Jewish woman dares to cross the line into the land of WASP privilege, with unexpected results. With deeply human characters and resonant themes, NOT OUR KIND kept me reading well into the night."
A Place Called Zamora (2020)
(Zamora, book 1)
LB Gschwandtner
"LB Gschwandtner’s A Place Called Zamora is an enthralling dystopian novel peopled with heart-tugging characters and a can’t-put-down plot. It’s a tale of touching inner goodness pitted against a heartless society. About capture and escape. And in the end, about love."
Lana's War (2021)
Anita Abriel
"What you would do to help others during a time of war? Would you risk all to save vulnerables who can’t save themselves? Lana’s answer in Anita Abriel’s Lana’s War takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the glamorous world of the French Riviera, a milieu stressed by war, fear and longing. Romantic and exciting, Lana’s War will hook you from the start."

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